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Governor Cuomo wants to pass Amy Cooper 911 false accusation bill - race, religion or gender.

sassygirl3869 9 June 7

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This is great and I am all for it.


Amy Cooper was already guilty of filing a false police report. The new law would make it a Hate Crime - a crime against all members of the group she's slandering.


What that bitch did was wrong. Using her skin color and sex to attempt to file a false police report. It could have ended very badly for him. Shame on her. I'm glad she got fired. She should have been prosecuted!


I love this idea! Maybe if a few of these racist jerks get jail time, the lies and bullshit against Black and Brown people will stop!


Good idea


I think it is a good idea. Too many calls from fragile white people carrying on about black people just being there. It is nuts, and especially when the cops respond with blunt force.

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