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Israel, the country, thought it had crushed Covid-19 then cases surged and restrictions were reinstated-stay home. This happened when schools opened. Could it happen in the United States?

sassygirl3869 9 July 7

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Yes, it can and may happen here. My wife, Anna, who is a sp-ed primary school teacher, was told this week that schools are expected to open next year, with students in class. That almost certainly means she will be exposed at some time during the school year. If she gets it, I will be exposed. We are both in our seventies.

I expect the number of cases in Texas to rise throughout the summer. Perhaps the governor will close schools again. Perhaps Anna should retire. How many families are faced with this decision.

I'm worried about going back to work as outside sales rep end of July. Considering options to find work online.

@sassygirl3869 Good luck, I hope you find your ideal job.


We haven’t gotten the first outbreak under control in most states. At the rate we are going, by the time school starts there will be a whole new virus going around or at least a mutation.


It will be worse here. The Israelis at least walked it back. That won't happen here.

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