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Did they get you?

Does it bother you if, after hearing a song, reading a book, or seeing a movie, and enjoying it, you find out later that the message was actually religious and you totally missed it?

I actually bought a book once, took it home, found out it was Christian-based (it was a sci-fi book about dragons, nothing to indicate it was religious, but I googled the series when I got home). The lady asked me why I was returning it and I said "I didn't know it was religious. There was no indication it was a religous book, and I feel tricked."

Bree 4 Apr 6

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As long as the story is well done, as others have said.

Even Star Wars has religious themes.

No one is taking Star Wars from me.


If I’m entertained by something, then find out it has a religious message or origin, it does not bother me in the least.


If it's a good enough story I don't mind. Religion is just a fantasy that too many people think is true. Good writing and art in general comes from many sources of inspiration.


It really doesn’t concern me too much what the source of inspiration is or what the message might be, especially when you consider works of art. Good stories are still good stories. Beautiful music and painting can still move me regardless of their inspiration or historical context. Now, I may choose not to patronize an artist for purely political reasons, social reasons, or because how I might personally feel about the artist. That’s a different issue. I really enjoyed the Narnia series regardless of the Christian influence.

In my youth, I remember particularly enjoying the Narnia volume with the rings and the pools that led to multiple worlds. I forget which one it was.


Considering that religion (as does a lot of fiction) arise out of myth and there are common tropes in mythology (Capmbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces), it is probably more common than people realize. In fact, I remember reading an article stating that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings was just as (if not more) religious in its message compared to Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

Back to your question - as long as I enjoyed the story (which means the message wasn't too overt or grating), I don't really mind. Even with music, if it is a good tune, I enjoy it.

I was thinking of that book by Campbell earlier today. It is so very well researched.

It was a PBS mini-series years ago too.

Probably available on line.


The Power of Myth. It used to be on YouTube but, when they released the recent anniversary edition, must have put out a cease and desist. I went ahead and bought it. Well worth the price.

@Bierbasstard lol Amazon?

Yep! I really need to stay off of there 😉

@Bierbasstard I know it's so easy. too easy.
Stuff is just at your door in two days.

@BufftonBeotch Same day sometimes......order at 10, deliver by 6....that is way tooooo easy.

@RPardoe You must live in a city with a Distribution center nearby. lol

@BufftonBeotch Isn't that most large cities these days? Houston (transplant from SF Bay Area) does indeed have the distro center. Same day is always by the white van.


I remember once my Dad came home with a copy of dianetics, he looked really weirded out when I explained to him that it was primer for Scientology, never saw the book again.

soa Level 4 Apr 6, 2018

There is so much out there that does include the mythologies in one way or another... 😟


I love Renaissance art, even though much of it is Christian-themed; I love Bach, even though he mostly wrote for the church. If the work is good enough, the inspiration doesn't matter.

It's sort of like Wagner, who I find absolutely repulsive as a human being, but whose music is so transcendently beautiful that I can't help but get invested when it plays. I think good art is human, regardless of how they might try to dress it up.


Jacque Deride suggests that any text can be deconstructed in any way you please, that the perceived meaning by the reader may not necessarily be the same as the intent of the author.
Taking the idea that a book is necessarily about what a critic has told you it is about is a dangerous idea.
For example it is possible to put forward the argument that the 4 gospels are simply allegorical texts meant to tell the story of Horus in another form and is in fact Egyptian propaganda for a pagan god.
Best to read something for yourself, take from it what you please and reject what does not please you.
No one tricked you, all texts have intentional and unintentional sub texts because writers are human and have conscious and subconscious minds at work when practicing their craft.


If the religious theme was not part of the cover discription and I bought a book from what was presented I'd be pissed and would return it also.

By the same token, I was invited by a friend to go see the movie "the Shack", I knew it was religious in nature but I REALLY wanted to see a big black woman as God. Even tho I don't beleive I enjoyed the theologic view point and the movie.


What, Like Narnia? It did taint it a little...

Well since CS Lewis was a theologian, wrote theological texts book and was a lay preacher, it was a fair bet his fiction was going to have a religious taint.


I avoid people asking me why I return things quickly by using the drop-off box.


No but it's different in UK maybe.


What did she say to you when you said that?

She just looked a little bewildered. lol

@Bree Like most devout Xians do. Lol.


I can highly recommend Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy - about as anti-Christian as it gets and very readable.


You thought it was fiction didn't you ? If you think religion is fiction then the book should still be fiction in your mind unless something you read got stuck in your head.I don't know if you got tricked or not.

Good point!


I hope you got your money back.


I've read a lot of Sci/Fi books that contained religious overtones but none that I could say were proselytizing any Xtian beliefs outside of moving the story along. I don't read Fantasy Sci/Fi so I probably never read a book as you describe.


You are not practicing just exploring, absorbing knowledge. Sometimes reading the enemies blueprints you gain more ways to disarm their troops.


And yes you were indeed can't say I've ever been deceived in that manner..


Some of Stephen King's books have an underlying religious theme to them dealing with good vs. evil. Even though I don't believe in the supernatural I don't mind it as long as the story is good. If it gets too ridiculous and impossible to believe then that is disappointing. For something to be scary it has to be realistic.

bapa Level 4 Apr 22, 2018

Its all a matter of perception, if you don't see it, it don't really exist!


Doesn't bother me at all, I don't think it terms of are you out to get me. I play music and just the other day learned a song You raise me up, which I'm sure it's used as a religious song, so what. it sounds so damm good. How could I not want to play it.


No not at all

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