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LINK U.S. Missionary Settles Suit Over Child Deaths At Her Treatment Center In Uganda : Goats and Soda : NPR

I realize that for the families involved this may be a win, but I am of a mind that this woman should be locked away for a long long time. Preferably in a Ugandan prison.

Amzungu 7 Aug 1

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  1. The story does not say and I wonder: Would these children have had access to health provider or were they indigent and would have died without care anyway? If no care would have been available to them, would it have been better for them to just die without anyone trying?

  2. Also, what about this part of the report: stating that while she did at times perform some procedures "without a medical professional standing right next to me ... it was always under the request and direction of a medical professional."

  3. It strikes me that the organization funding lawsuits has a racist title (No White Saviors).


Imagine that. A US Missionary with no medical training running a center to treat Ugandan children. Make you a bet this happens more often than we know.

I am not taking that bet. I am sure you're right.

@Amzungu Also keep in mind that I am not supporting the so called Missionary. 🙂

@DenoPenno I only meant I agree with you, so I wouldn't bet against you on that one. These people make me see red. I've done a bit of volunteer work in Kenya at a legit medical clinic, not a mission ran one, a local ran one. Every time someone is like "Oh, you do mission work?" My response is 'hell no!'


Honesty would prefer they put her in a Ugandan grave.


I agree. She should have been put into an Ugandan jail.

Agreed. These people make me see red.


Evil witch belongs in jail



When I first watched her story on 60 Minutes (I think) I was wondering why on earth an American media outlet was hailing her as some sort of savior. All she seems to me is a crazy person that's killing people.


This is what happens when religious frantically believe they are guided by an invisible man in the sky.

Mother Teresa was even worse but people only think of her as a charitable person. In reality, she used donations to enrich herself and left poor nuns to look after the sick with inadequate supplies, little or no training, rationed food, ...

She was not a good person


sounds about right.


Barbaric!! This woman should be tried for murder, in that country!

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