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I was talking to the Funeral Arranger for my wife's final arrangements and thought that this conversation is going far better than I expected. Of course, I am a devotee of Murphy's Laws, and one of the key one's is that when something can go wrong, it will go wrong in the worst possible way, at the worst possible time. After having to bury both parents, I decided I wanted simplicity to reign in figuring this out for me and anyone else going through this. Odd thought, I guess, but taking care of this for yourself and your loved ones will simplify what might be a terrible, terrible week. As Woody wrote 90 or so years ago, "Every place in the Union us migrants have been; we come with the dust and we go with the wind..."

FenianSOB 3 Aug 10

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My is something we all have to face at some time or another...sadly. My kindest thoughts go with you.


Named after Air Force Captain Edward Murphy, an engineer at Edwards AFB during the late 1940's when test flights were crashing regularly, there's only one Murphy's Law: "If anything can go wrong, it will."

The various collectors who publish volumes of laws, corollaries, axions, and paradoxes disagree with you. As a practicing Stoic, I find tools that help me gain perspective steady me.


Murphy can't be right all the time. Heartfelt sorrow for your losses. Big hug.


So sorry for your loss.


Condolences for your loss.

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