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This is the explosive change of perspective that has happened for me, personally, after I became an atheist. Life used to get me down and I had a hard time interacting with people. I was always worrying about and waiting for a better hereafter and a better everafter. Now life, has exploded in all its color and majesty because all of this is a one-time deal!!
I want to say this very gently: I believe that every single religion is a death-cult and a con-job because they ALL preach curtailing our present for deferred rewards in a dubious hereafter.

Green_Soldier71 7 Aug 14

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You said it. Now life is about actual enjoyment and having fun. I used to be depressed and believed that I had to live a certain way in order to be justified by some outside deity that never actually spoke or said anything. Not only was it not fun but it wasn't working or producing relationships that made me happy. And then once I realized the whole male patriarchy dynamic it all made sense and was disgusting. But now I feel free. Life without freedom is barely living.


Man, I need a t-shirt that says that. Gervais always brings my spirits up.

That said, the one sad thing about being agnostic is I technically can't say exactly what he said, not if I'm being totally honest: I have no idea if I have nothing to die for. But I do have everything to live for. Not so elegant, that, lol.

Agnostic polemics aren't so nicely pithy. 🙂


When people treat atheism like a religion, then they have not really evolved beyond their own personal mental handicaps!!!


I became an atheist decades ago, but realize I still have some Protestant values/ethics/inhibitions. Now that I'm in my 60s, it's not so bad to be that way. Looking at the comments here, I wonder what being more hedonist could have done for me or if it has anything to offer me now.

A lot of values that have been traditionally considered "Christian" have a premise based in decency. Christians like to lay claim to the Golden Rule, even though it predates the religion. My own personal philosophy gets claimed by pagans: "Do no harm." I think it's just a more family-friendly way of saying "Don't be an asshole."

@Deb57 Absolutely! Love it!


Ricky is exactly correct.


When I finally lost my faith it was such a relief - it's so good to be on the other side.


Glad to know that you have come over to the light!


Ricky speaks well for atheist, but I take exception to his trans jokes he's smart enough to do better and a dick for not trying.

Perhaps you could send him a list of subjects unsuitable for humour or mockery?
I'm sure he would be glad for your reasonable and conscientious censorship and thought policing.

@LenHazell53 Thank you for your service volunteering to be blocked permanently like that. It's quite helpful.

@Willow_Wisp wow, punish somebody for pointing out your judgemental self-righteousness humorously! Way to go! How admirable, and look, you can now block me too......

@AnneWimsey Ok

Rude peanut gallary comments aside, I am sensitive to trans issues, and I may not have heard the same references as you, but I think Ricky is a fairly equal-opportunity dick. The trans references I heard from him seemed to be mocking people who get easily offended by the mere existance of trans people, so I like to think he is a sort of ally But you are right. His career thrives on cringeworthy humor. I think he expects people to be offended.

Satirical humor is pretty touchy stuff, largely because it is trying to make social commentary points where people disagree.


Welcome to your self-liberation.

One minor point: your post is correct in every particular when it comes to the Abrahamic religions, but diverges from the Nordic religion, the Australian Dreamtime, and (as far as I can tell) the pre-invasion religions of South America.

No it doesn't diverge. The nordics were promised Valhalla, the Incas were all buried with goods for the after life, the aboriginees when passed continued their dreaming journey because only land is eternal.

@Mofo1953 Any chance you could send links about those three, please?

@anglophone google it

@Marcie1974 I did, and I came to conclusions that were quite different from those of @Mofo1953. I am also minded to approach some of my own Elders as regards the Dreamtime.

@anglophone i guess some people just suck at googling shit.

@Mofo1953 And some of us can ignore shit.

@anglophone that would be the ignorant ones who can't google for shit?


Religion has poisoned me too. I missed out on a lot of the stuff most people do at a much younger age than me because I was more worried about waiting on God's supposed plan than about living life to the fullest. Life is precious, no sense in wasting it on unproven possibilities.


I am with Ricky

You, and me too!


Why sell your reality for someone else's illusions.


You are absolutely correct in your thoughts. Religion poisons everything and everyone it touches.

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