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could have been worse


Why is the Video no longer available? I'm sure they are not in a hurry to return to Church anytime soon.

Scroll down someone found it elsewhere and posted the video below


You never know what to expect from them psycho priests, they been Misbehaving too long.


Hey, if they needed a reason to quit religion, this is good one.


WTF !!!!


If this child was part of his church, he should have known the family!! The only good thing is the child was spared, being around the prick, I mean....yeah prick.


Priests are ASSHOLES.... actually nuns are also assholes !! I went to a catholic school until my Mom took me out of there because the priests and nuns didn't want me, a little girl, there anymore! According to them....I asked too many questions... Lol. My Daddy was Atheist...he died when I was 9... So we came to the Mom was from here....
All I asked were questions I heard my Daddy Apparently priests and nuns don't like being questioned 😂😂✌🏻☺️Peace & Love, my friends!! Be safe🌹




Funny how the video is gone and the facebook post is gone. Maybe the priest threaten the parents with excommunication.


That's helpful, a Catholic Priest kicking kids out of the church.
"Hey! Kids! This is a Catholic Church, Flee you fools!"

Not just the roman catholic church, but get the hell out of any church. I've been around a lot of churches and believers and the closest thing to a church I didn't feel should be fled from is Friends' Meeting (FGC). They are mostly good people with a few atheists among them. Then there's the Unitarians, some christians there but some atheists.


I think that they parents should have chosen not to take that child with them if they knew the child was probably going to be disruptive. Not that I think the priest did the right thing either.


He needs to catch someone's hands.


What a sensitive priest. Has great empathy of course.


At least this priest didn't want to have anything to do with young children, that is a nice change from the usual news about priests and kids.


The video was taken down. She should be thankful he didn't molest the boy.

Any ideas on where I can find the video?

Catholic bishop probably called and said, "be a good Catholic and bend over."

@tsallinia You could look it up and try to find it like l did. You're welcome.

@barjoe Many thanks 🙂 What a horrible man to ask the kidnto be kicked out because it didn't fit his perfect standards...

@tsallinia The apology cracked my up. It has to be made by someone else and "attributed" to him.

@barjoe "He couldn't understand the child's actions". For Thor's name, what a stupid excuse.

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