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I just read an article in the Washington Examiner, a Conservative leaning news app that non believers are growing “rapidly”. Only 65% of people identify as Christian now as opposed to 77% in 2009. I’ve seen similar articles recently confirming this. Time definitely appears to be on our side.......especially with the younger generations such as gen.Z which will have a big effect in the coming years. Should be very interesting.

CuddyCruiser 7 Aug 17

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Not identifying as christian is far from being a non believer.

That's just code for, "I don't go to church, but I still believe in god."

These people still read, quote and believe in the bible. Still believe in heaven and hell. Still believe in Jesus as god, and still think they have a soul.

I think there are more non believers. But maybe not as many as this would suggest.

SCal Level 7 Aug 19, 2020

Not rapidly enough!


I believe that what we are going through right now will cause many more to leave. A lot of what is happening in this country with the 'Christian' attempts at taking over the government is a sign of desperation.


As the sane people leave religion, all that is left is the insane ones.

All fervent religious belief is a form of insanity. The religious believe in a fantasy, for adults this is insane.


Education along with scientific advancements are key. When we better understand our world around us, there’s no longer a need for belief in magic. Ignorance may be bliss, but I’ll take the burden of knowledge every day of the week over susceptibility to charlatans.

I agree, education and scientific advancement has opened minds to critical thinking.


In European countries religion has been on the decline for some years now, especially in the Catholic counties such as Spain, Italy and Ireland...helped along by their own clerical child abuse scandals involving pedophile priests and especially in Ireland of the sadistic practices of nuns towards unmarried mothers and their babies in the Magdalen laundries. The more Protestant counties like U.K., Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia all have low church attendance and general apathy towards religious belief.


I actually think that Trump may have been elected by the older generation, but his mishandling of so many important things will make all the younger generations eschew religion and be more inclined to vote (for a year or two, anyway).

Trump wasn't elected . I've read he had nearly three million less votes than Hilary . It was the electorial collage that put him in office .


Just be noteworthy of the words used. Because it's really not that good news.

90% of Americans are "believers" in a divine being/higher power. The trick word used now is "unaffiliated." People tend to think that "non religious" means "non believer." That's not the case. 90% of American's still think there's some supreme being many are just no longer affiliated with a specific brand of theism.


it all starts from one point.
Being non affiliated in general is the first step.
losing the community pressure and being open to new ideas in general is enough.
I don't really care what people believes as long as they don't form associations to limit my rights based on the beliefs...

There are to many different types or cults. It seems they all lead to Fascism.


Such good news this is.


It's particularly helpful if you include a link to your evidence so we can use it for comparative purposes.


Been watching our percentages grow, if by region, all my life. Once, religions fought each other, now, they’re fighting to stay relevant amid the better - and better educated youth around the world. The Internet is helping - especially places like this!

Varn Level 8 Aug 17, 2020

Let us hope this trend continues and grows.


Given the trends of the polls over the past 20 years, Christianity in the US seems to be declining at about 1% per year. I imagine it will be a minority demographic well before 2040.

palex Level 6 Aug 17, 2020

..amen 😉


That is true in the U.S. but not in the world. Worldwide, religious participation us increasing.

skado Level 9 Aug 17, 2020

I have read articles stating otherwise. The articles seem to point out that whether religion is growing or not is based on geographical location. I think there are a lot of non believers in religious areas, who are just keeping their beliefs on the down low.



@skado I did a quick read. I feel a weakness to their argument is that they assume new born children will stay in their parents religion. While many will, some will change religions and some will give up religion. They do not factor this in to their conclusions.

Did you read the whole Article?

@skado I did and yes they did mention "switching" of religions. But they did not factor that in all their data. I work with statistics daily and I know how projections can be manipulated even unintentionally. Statistical projections are based on assumptions. One can say it is impossible to choose assumptions on future projections which do not in some manner reflect the bias of the researcher. Most of this discussion is about christian vs muslim birthrates and which is more. However other people in the world who are neither christian or muslim, look at those religions as actually being branches of the same religion (abrahamic relgions). Sort of like christians excited about different number of catholics vs protestants, while non christians just lump them all together. So it is an interesting article, but I feel there are a number of significant flaws in the research which are clustered around researcher bais.


Sadly there are many that would endorse 2nd amendment solutions rather than a secular population, but F them, lets do it anyway.


It is my firm belief America will no longer be a country before the people living here are non-religious.

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