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I can't stand when the right says "EVERYONE should be responsible for their own health care." I have Badger Care. I'm a workaholic. I have severe trauma which contributes to my insomnia. If I don't take my sleep meds, I CAN'T sleep. I will end up in the hospital & be deemed a danger to society & myself because not sleeping makes you go legit "crazy." This has happened to me before.

My medications cost around $400 a month. I'm also on another med for mental health reasons. My meds are saving my life. If I didn't have them or 'free' health insurance, I would literally be screwed. I have a very small co-pay for my medications & 'free' health insurance. I am not lazy. The reason why I'm in school is so that I can have a better life & be able to afford things that I cannot right now, like health insurance. I am trying my best. In fact, I try too hard & often feel so burned out. I'm surprised I have made it this far in life.

I am already 'self-conscience' about having the government help me due to the stigmas like the Republicans automatically assuming I'm lazy & freeloading off of the government.
I will not be getting help forever. The ignorance in this world, (America in particular in this context), is beyond terrible. If people would be more sympathetic to others who are struggling & suffering, the stigmas would greatly go down.

I have had a rough & unfortunate life that I did NOT choose as a child. The rough home life has lead me to make bad choices in life subconsciously & intentionally. I'm not blaming anyone but myself though for making bad decisions... which has also set me back in life. I have forgiven some of my family members for what they have done to me because that is literally all I can do at this point.

I have gotten into quite a few bad, terrible, & abusive relationships with men who abused me as well, which has also contributed into my trauma. I have had road bumps & I'm behind in life due to mental health complications, trauma, & other bad things that I have gone through as I've stated above.

Again...I am trying my best & not sure what some people except from me.

VeronicaAnn 7 Sep 10

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Societies have to decide what they will invest in. The US has, since Reagan, been investing in making the rich richer. It is the owners of capital and the mean of production that need to have money so that it can trickle down to normal people. We have seen that this does not work, the money gets put into accounts off shore so they do not pay taxes on it, Capital, money has to work through the society for it to make more. Under current leadership that is not happening. If we were to invest in the people, free medical care, free education, and some means to allow everyone to participate in the economy, then the economy would grow, allowing people to make more money, have that money filter through the economy and grow the economy. We are moving money for people to the rich, it does not move through the economy. If we built bridges, kept up the roads, worked on building good schools and researching more for science we would have a better economy with its goal to allow people to contribute and gain from their work. If we stay the course we are on we will go bankrupt, the Government will have more debt that the poor cannot pay for. Presently it is not the people who have money who pay the bills, they need it to keep being rich and to keep the false concept of contributing to the economy as well as they can. We are working against our own interests. The Conservative movement is about now allowing change, not making thing better for people.


I know you posted this in politics, and it is certainly the ineffective policies that drive the dysfunction of the system so many are existing with and working through...but I want to say thank you for putting your pride aside long enough to embrace your self consciousness, and so very well succeed in displaying and illuminating the humanity behind the curtain. There are many, many people who are not strong enough to do that, and you have more than once offered it here so seemingly freely. I can confidently say you have more strength of character than a single one of the far-right fucks that would look down on you.

I can truly empathize with you here, though, at least to some degree. My father was a cement mason and worked seasonably. In the winters he would often take more than one part time job to get through until Spring. He would bartend, chauffeur limousines, cut down trees and sell firewood, but still, with 3 kids, times were pretty tough. He worked his ass off all winter long, but still we had a medical card, food stamps, and free lunches at school through the winter. I remember being embarassed about it, even when too young to understand the why behind any of it, but I could deeply sense my father's loss of pride and self respect during these times. It's not even a mere money issue. Financial stress causes chronic forms of physical stress, and can be a gateway to a plethora of dysfunctional expressions. It truly can be a vicious cycle and I have the utmost respect for anyone that's fighting to break from the current and make their way out of it.

From my perspective, you have myriad reasons to hold your head high. It is easy to appreciate you are not sitting around eating bons bons and watching reality TV while you take advantage of the resources that the government is willing to provide. You do not seem to view assistance as a way of life, rather a bridge, which is exactly what it is intended to be, and fuck any American that thinks you are not earning it.


I hear ya! Been there, done that. You are by no means alone! One fine day, ours may become one of the Civilized Nations, and adapt a national health care plan, like the developed countries have! In the meantime, keep your chin up, and continue your schooling. (Perhaps your school has a counselor, who can advise you as to resources available to you?). And when you hear Trumpian idiots badmouthing people who aren't rich, just remind them that the biggest welfare cheats there are, are the Rich themselves! And also ask them how that Trumpy Care is working for them!


The Social Darwinists are extremely selfish and immoral. Someday, society will look back on them and recognize them as the scum of the earth.


Why do you care what others think? Especially the retarded right wingnuts? You're doing the best you can right now. That's all you can do.. Forget about listening to stupid people 🙂

Because people who hold those draconian opinions are influential enough to keep this for profit predatory system in place and it causes massive hardship, suffering, bankruptcy and death.

@RoboGraham try reading the post again but with empathy and understanding.. It's not really a political post... I offered support and caring... every discussion doesn't have to be a battle..


It's in the Politics category for a reason.

You asked why care what they think and I answered that question. We must care what they think because we will never make any tangible changes and alleviate the suffering if so many people continue to think that way. We've made quite a lot of progress in recent years. A large majority of Americans now support universal healthcare because we have been pushing for it hard. I will continue pushing for it until there are no more heartbreaking stories like this one Veronica is dealing with.

I've got plenty of empathy. So much so, I'd like to actually do something about it rather than just offering meaningless words like "Forget about listening to stupid people "

@RoboGraham again....

try reading the post again but with empathy and understanding.. It's not really a political post.



Whether or not people are expected to pay for their own healthcare is a very important political issue. Even if Veronica didn't mean it to be political, it's in the political category so it's expected that people will relate it to politics.

Not sure how you can just declare that it's not political, that's up to her. Just because she described her own experiences and hardships doesn't take away the political nature of it. In fact, that is a very valid strategy for political activism. Anytime I've ever advocated for healthcare policy, I've always used my own story and my infuriating difficulties with the for profit health insurers to relate the pressing need for reform.

On this topic, si, mucha leche. Toda la leche.


"Even if Veronica didn't mean it to be political...,

Yes, let's not take into consideration what someone actually means.. Let's go full steam ahead with our own interpretations.


Well, if you want to go down that route, you are the one insisting it's not a political post. How about we let the the original poster decide that?

And yes, even if it wasn't meant to be political, the fact that it was posted here encourages people to look at it politically.

Is there any particular reason you are avoiding the political aspect of it and just about all the points I've been making along the way?

Is there any particular reason you are avoiding the political aspect of it and just about all the points I've been making along the way?

Well, if you want to go down that route, you are the one insisting it's not a political post. How about we let the the original poster decide that?


Is that a serious enquiry? You answered yourself.. do you argue with yourself often, comrade. ?


You are avoiding the political nature of this discussion by insisting that it isn't political. The question is, why? Why are you avoiding the issue?

It's always the same with you, deflection from anything substantive, an immature attempt to make light of a very heavy subject, and an intended insult which I'm sure you believe is very clever but is actually a term of endearment.


How about we let the the original poster decide that?

Your words. . Remember?

If you want to off on a Tangent, make a post and tag me, robobot..


Right, we'll see what she says about that.

This whole time, I've been going at it from a political angle and you've been avoiding it by saying the original post wasn't political. I won't bother to ask again why you are reluctant to address the political nature of this discussion because I know you won't answer.

@RoboGraham I was with you on your dressing down of the right wing. I was and am with you on the need for universal healthcare, and the effort required to make it happen. But you lost me when you called @Cutiebeauty's empathetic words "meaningless" As you wrote, we're for universal healthcare to alleviate the suffering of so many. A sympathetic ear and encouragement from someone who sees one's struggles and acknowledges their humanity is a kind and thoughtful act. Policy is crucial. Love is indispensable.


I'm with you on that.

If I believed her words to be genuine, I wouldn't call them meaningless.

@RoboGraham holy crap! Guess what meaningless. ? Keep guessing.. Creepy robot Russian.

@Bobbyzen Holy crap Bobby, another trump?! 😂😂😂

If I believed her words to be genuine, I wouldn't call them meaningless.


I'm skeptical about your sincerity on a post.

You're skeptical about my nationality, my entire identity and everything I stand for.

Who's out of line here?

@RoboGraham hey, we had disagreements before and it was always civil.. Remember? Then one day, you decide it's OK to use vulgar language, leche. I even posted the meaning of such a word.. You replied, pprecisely.. That blew open the door.. So don't start trying that "you started it first " bullshit . .


I'm skeptical about your sincerity on a post.

Oh.. And please prove you were skeptical about. My sincerely about anything before this thread .lmao


I haven't started any you started it first bullshit.

Wait, bullshit? What's with the vulgarity? You know, there's a word for that sort of hypocritical behavior.

I had a legitimate response to your comment. Instead of giving me a decent reply, you chose to be patronizing. So here we are.

@RoboGraham I re-read what @Cutiebeauty wrote. I didn’t have to because I know enough about her good character and integrity from many interactions. But your accusation that her response to the poster was insincere forced me look again at her comment. You’re off base. By a county mile. In baseball, you’d be picked off for an out. Whatever is going on to cause you to respond this way, let it go. I very much appreciate both of you in this community and dislike this acrimony on display. Please...


Your interactions and experiences must have been very different from mine but that doesn't surprise me.

As far as my suspicion of her sincerity, that's derived from private conversations which I won't get into for privacy's sake.

Your willingness to tell me that I'm off base without any mention of her name calling and hypocrisy makes me suspicious of your bias. "Creepy robot Russian" "another trump" "robobot" "comrade" -Do those sorts of comments indicate a person of "good character and integrity"?

I'm not into the acrimony either and I totally agree, it should be let go.

@RoboGraham One thing I know about @Cutiebeauty is that she is ALWAYS sincere. She doesn't candy coat or BS. She speaks her truth and is genuine and consistent with it. That said, while I don't disagree with your stance on the policy end (in short, yeah, I want Universal Healthcare for everyone, too, and am sure the OP agrees, if not wishing we had a better system right now) but from what I have observed of @VeronicaAnn here, her strength is in showing the humanity end of our fucked up ways of the world from the perspective of her personal experiences and struggles with them, and think it is a perfectly reasonable response to offer support in lieu of a political tirade. Time and place for everything, but perhaps this is the time for a community that largely share some Humanist-ish views to show her that WE don't see her in the same light as the far-right. Maybe, just maybe, this is more a time to offer some balance to the scales, so that the positivity can, at least for the time she is here, be a time that outweighs the shame she is subjected to by the larger society.


This is the sort of post which requires an empathetic response, agreed. The thing about Veronica is that, I talk to her all the time about this sort of thing. We go back and forth on subjects like these and empathize with each other regularly. I'm sure we will be talking about this very post in the near future so I don't feel much need to provide an empathetic response.

When I am looking at posts in the politics category, I'm ready to talk politics. So I had a political response to Cutie's comment and she responded in a patronizing fashion because she dislikes me personally. The rest unfolded from there.

@RoboGraham I don't want to get into the unfolding between you and Cutie, because that's between you and Cutie. I simply wanted to add my little bit of weight to the scales by affirming that I saw genuine sincerity in her initial response and hope that the OP sees it that way, too 😉


Thanks for your contribution. I hope you're right.


I can’t count the ways tying health care to work is fascist.
Just saying.


They don't want us to have options. They want us dependent on a job for our very existence and the lives of our children. They want us all to be desperate little wage slaves with no choice but to shut up and get back to work.

Oh no. Really? You support Trump? 😞 I'm so sad when you and your children are raped and trump says it's OK. 😞😞😞

@Cutiebeauty who are you referring to Cutiebeauty? I never said I support Trump, what would make you think such a weird thing?


What you said to @Willow_Wisp here is so absurd that I'm going to assume you were terribly confused or failed at making a joke in very bad taste.

Maybe think this over and try again.

@Willow_Wisp sorry. . Wasn't meant for you.

@Cutiebeauty No problem 🙂


Your situation and story remind me a lot of my sister in law. Luckily for her, she lives in New York state, which, unlike Iowa, is not so niggardly and neglectful of people who are working poor, unemployed poor or disabled. She happens to be mentally ill-borderline personality disorder-for her whole adult life and because of that she can never keep a job for any great length of time. Luckily for her, NY provides free or low cost healthcare for low income adults even if they aren't poor enough for Medicaid. Because of that form of economic aid, as well as generous Food Stamp assistance, she has always been able to afford food and housing, otherwise she would have ended up homeless or institutionalized long ago if she lived somewhere like Iowa.

That's the sort of situation I'm in.

If it weren't for supportive family and the fact that I'm a Marylander, I'd probably be dead.


Yeah, it's a collective sickness in our culture. Every other developed nation, and plenty of undeveloped ones, realise that everyone wins with universal health care. Health care costs are collectivized whether we like it or not, so why not go with the win win practice of universal health care? Sadly we let big corporations turn health care into a product in America, and now we have the developed world's least effective and most expensive health care system. It's nightmarish in a way.

Well Said


The people who think this way do not have the twenty to thirty thousand a month they would need if this were a reality.

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