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If you are like me and don't like to go to your mailbox every day, here is an excellent FREE service from your United States Postal Service. I get an email early every morning showing me a pic of each letter coming to my mailbox that day. It also lets me know about packages but not magazines or large envelopes. Check it out!

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Use it, like it....especially for the package delivery notifications (UPS, FedEx as well). Nice to know that a package should be on the porch when I get home. Though I do see an item as delivered (I get the text) while the carrier scans it at the truck before walking the route.

The junk mail (catalogs, inserts, newspapers) aren't really scanned and photographed, so that helps prevent some of the burden.

The USPS has been taken images of the mail for some time - it (with character recognition) is how they sort a lot of mail and place the deliver bar code stickers on the bottom. Only natural they would expand the service by providing the data they have been gathering for years to the consumer who can use it as well (for information).


Kind of cool, but I get enough junk mail & I don’t also need pictures of them sent to me as well. Absent this problem, I would probably take advantage of it.


I use it all the time. Just be aware it doesn't always show everything that's sent to you.


I use this, it is not accurate they miss stuff. It has been useful for tracking down missed delivers.

Who said they miss stuff? I even get pics of previous residents' mail that my carrier is sharp enough to not put in my mailbox.

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