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Criticizing Islam is not inherently racist.
However, repeatedly criticizing Islam while being continually silent about the white imperialists who empower the brown-skinned Islamic fanatics is racist.

Since Islam is not a race critical comments regarding Islam cannot be racist.

@Alienbeing I just answered that clever defense. You haven't replied to my answer but are merely repeating the original defense like a religious mantra.

@Krish55 Apparently your reply is buried somewhere because I don't see it. Irrespective of what you may have said, since Islam is a religion, not a race any comment against Islam cannot be racist by simple definition.

In closing, who is defending anything?

@Alienbeing It's not buried. It's the response to which you replied.

@Krish55 You make no sense.

@Alienbeing Use your sense of sight to see my response.

@Krish55 Do you enjoy yourself? I hope so because I doubt anyone else does. You make no sense.

@Alienbeing Do you have a crush on me or something? Just letting you know that I am not bisexual...

@Krish55 As I said in another thread, you make no sense as nothing sexual was discussed. You make be bipolar.

@Alienbeing Good, then quit stalking me, which some in the Progressives group have noticed.

@Krish55 As I said on the other thread, don't flatter yourself, you aren't worth stalking.

@Alienbeing Thank you!


*Dawkins criticizes Islam but ignores that it was the West that worked with Islamic fanatics to destroy reformist secularism in the Muslim world😘

(1) Saudi Arabia 1920s:
The US and Britain put the Wahhabi Sauds in control of Saudi Arabia, accepting radical Islam in return for control of oil. Saudi Arabia has been the main supporter of Sharia and Jihadism around the world.

(2) Pakistan 1947 onwards:
The US has armed Pakistan's Islamic governments, even when they were engaged in genocide against Hindus and other Bengalis in Bangladesh in 1970.

(3) Iran 1953:
The US and Britain overthrew the secular Mossadeq governemnt with the help of Islamic clerics.

(3) Indonesia 1965:
The US supported a military coup against a secular, reformist Suharto government. In the course of the coup, Islamic and millitary death squads marauded against Chinese, socialists, and communists in a genocide that killed about a million. The US Embassy provided names to the military of those who should be killed.

(4) Afghanistan 1979:
The US arms the Islamic fanatics who are murdering teachers and women who attend school under the reforms of the socialist government. The terrorists are even invited to the White House!

(5) Iraq 2003:
The US destroys Saddam's secular government and replaces it with an Islamic one.

(6) Syria 2012
The US arms and trains Islamic rebels fighting the secular Assad government.

(7) Libya 2012
The US arms and trains Islamic rebels fighting the secular Qaddafi government.

Those are just the most prominent examples. The West used Islamic fanatics in order to destroy reformist socialist governments in the Muslim world that were trying to control their own resources for the development of their people.

Dawkins is a Racist enjoying his White Privilege. His is the intellectual privilege of promoting Western secularism as superior while the West destroys secularism in the rest of the world so that Dawkins can have a nice home and full belly.


Putting the red herring of geopolitics aside, racism is an inaccurate ad hominem, as Islam is not a race, but rather a religion that crosses all racial boundaries. My abhorrence of Islam, along with most all religions, does not make me a racist.

It should be noted that Dawkins' criticism of Islam is not much different from that of noteworthy ex-muslims like Sarah Haider, Ali Rizvi, Ayan al Hirsi, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Yasmin Mohammed, and others (maybe even less strident). Would we say that since these individuals were not raised in the Christian faith that they should not criticize it? Of course not.

It's open season on bad ideas, hence all religions are fair game, and no silly made-up term like Islamaphobia can exempt one religion from ridicule, much less turn a critic into a racist.

@p-nullifidian You are correct that Islam is not a race. I have no problem criticizing Islam myself. However criticizing Islam without criticizing the white imperialists that empower radical Islam is racist.


Oh, so you didn't like the critiques you got in the earlier post so you're posting again?


Well, I hope all apologists for bigoted religions are also shut out so that they stop upsetting moral people with their propagation of vicious holy hate which demonises and dehumanises non-believers and incites their murder. If Nazism had a God tied to it, it would suddenly become a protected ideology too and people would be called haters for criticising it, leading to anyone calling out Nazism being no-platformed. There isn't a level playing field today when it comes to the condemnation of hate: some of the very worst hate is protected solely because it has a fairy sitting on top of it.


If they are going to stick to the comfortable, then what is the point of the debating?


Why are you posting this same message re Trinity College Dublin’s student union disinviting or de-platforming Richard Dawkins again? I have already replied in length to your first post on this matter, and I note that you have not seen fit to acknowledge my response!


I wonder if they debated the issue?

Leelu Level 7 Oct 4, 2020

OMG, poor little millenials need their very safe space to feel comforted, especially while remaining ignorant.


Good BOB! Next week our cheeks (your choice of upper or lower) will be swelling because flatulence offends some.


Very PIKCKEY, innit I can guess about whats busy or not.


Stupid stupid stupen!"

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