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Has anyone here looked st the Libertarian and Green party candidates? Perhaps its times to send major parties a shock.
Anybody else feel this way?

JonKevin1961 3 Oct 7

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Not even jokingly. The libertarian party was founded by money from the Kochs and even with their billions, they could not make inroads into the mainstream.


No, not even a little.
That would be stupid.
Libertarians are just frustrated Conservatives: You can do anything you like, drugs, have sex that Christians don't approve of, anything at all, just go to a flat tax so the wealthy can keep getting richer.
Screw Libertarians.
We need a progressive tax like we had when America was great, which is pretty much anytime before Reagan.
As for the Green party, we need action not reaction. I've never spoke with a Green party advocate that wasn't just over the top pissed about what everyone is doing to Mother Nature. We don't need emotion, we need policy.
We need fusion power plants so we can stop producing CO2 gas, but the Greens I've spoke to hate that idea because it's technology.
They aren't really a political party as much as a group of anti technology people, what Carl Sagan called in his book Neo-Luddites.
It would be as bad as the Republican party that was consumed from within by Christian Conservatives and in their world view apparently insane leadership is fine.
The only mature choice today is the Democratic party.
No, I am not a registered Democrat, but politics is like the wind, and the ship of state has to occasionally tack a bit to get where it needs to be.


No Third Party candidate stands a rat's chance! So, we must cast our vote for the lesser of two evils, if we wish to get rid of Trumplerian Fascism!


Are you fucking kidding me? This is no time to play games! This may very well our FINAL presidential election. Vote for Biden to get our ship-of-state off the reef, then make sand castles later if that succeeds.


Have you noticed they Only show up when it is time to fund-raise? Not a peep for the last 3 Bill's, no marches, no suggestions, nothing but cricket noises, then, "oh, send us $$$". Wake up!


Duverger's Law dictates a two party system. All the people over the years that tried to "send a message" stupidly wasted their vote. Please read about it, realize you'd be wasting your vote and your time, and vote for real. Unless you'd vote for Trump. In that case, I was just kidding and you should totally send a message that we need more/better choices!!


If instead of being bipolar and voting twice, you are many millions polar and vote that many times, your voting third party won't shock either major party.


Perhaps you haven't been paying attention to what's been going on in our government? I imagine it's possible that you're one of the very few who haven't been negatively impacted by this administration, and so you haven't considered it worth the time, but I'd strongly suggest you start now. Unless you were just trying to get a rise out of us?


no fucking way


No. You are not going get enough votes to get anyone to notice. This election is about one thing and that is getting Rump and as many Republican Senators out of office as we can. This is really about saving our country. One of two people will become the President in January. If you think they are the same then you have not been paying attention for the last four years. If you wish to piss into the wind, it is your vote. By all means piss away.


There are several fools here. I’m not one of them. I also don’t sleep until the next election.


Decades ago, even wasted a few votes on ‘the greens.’ But having paid closer attention than most for a longer period of time, it’s not only obvious, but became evident to our Founders that their system broke down to two dominant parties.

When Natzis vote lock-step, and others waver.. ..seeking purity - Natzis win..

Varn Level 8 Oct 7, 2020

Seems like you like to bet on the nine horse in a race of eight...


Absolutely not. The Democrats are progressive, the Republicans regressive. It's as simple as that.

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