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Just read that Donny, J for Jerk, tRump wants to 'delay' further debates with Biden until later this month.
Refuse to do ANY debates that ARE not held on a face to face basis because it would give Biden an unfair advantage by allowing Biden to use a tele-prompter.
Is tRumpty wumpty now at the stage of 'shitting kittens' or what?

Triphid 8 Oct 8

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Trumps a coward and a bully.
He can't take back the first debate and that one sealed his doom, unless he can ruthlessly steal the election, which he would love to do, but when he orders our law enforcement and military to do crime I doubt they'll fall for it.
If the wrong (the alt-right) get their civil war it won't work well for them.
We'll see soon.


If the have it live whomever isn't supposed to be speaking should be muzzled!

In the case of Donny, J for Jerk, tRump I'd recommended both muzzling and sedating in equal parts....LOL.
After all, IT would make the Cleaners job a whole easier since there'd be far less shit spat and dribbled over each and every venue would it not?

I was surprised, watching all of the interruptions, that this is even an issue. I mean, this is 2020, not 1820. The technology exists to just cut off the microphone. Easy-peasy.

@AmyTheBruce If Joe was speaking I would imagine Donald was close enough where he could create too much of a distraction even with his mic off.

@Diagoras I'm sure that you are correct.

Luckily, though, we also have plexiglass in 2020! And soundproofing! And creative lighting that would allow us to leave the non-speaker in the dark!


How is that unfair? I mean, if Biden could read from a tele-prompter, surely Trump could do the same, right?

Oh..."Trump" and "reading" don't exactly go together, do they?

Methinks you kind of forgot to include " anything requiring the usage of the brain" in your reply....LOL.

Ha! Wouldn't it make sense that orange Hitler would relish the opportunity for Hannity to spoon feed him his talking points?


He is just using the tactics he always uses to try to throw others off balance and gain an undue advantage. It is a lifelong pattern.

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