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I'm taking bets. Which will cause my demise?

  1. White supremacists.
  2. Covid 19
  3. My own health problems
  4. Arabs
    I'm voting for number one.
PondartIncbendog 8 Oct 8

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For me I'll go with number 3.
Even though I am a trans woman and at risk of violence from white supremacists I also live in a city and keep to myself which is much safer then living in rural areas where keeping to yourself probably isn't enough.
Safety in numbers if social distancing and mask are used.
Social distancing and mask are the new condoms and dental dams.


If you are living while "white", you will be ok. It is the Semites that sneak by, as religion has no color.


Come on be a bit more upbeat. You could be shot by a jealous husband after a night of wild passion. (Ok in your case that could be a bit doubtful, but you get the idea.)

Now that would be worth it.


The cause of everyones demise is living. Life is a death sentence.

Agreed. It seems we are born to die. It’s just a matter of how and when.


Since I don't know the color of your skin...or your social behaviors....or your physical condition....or how often you travel to Arab nations....I'll just say I hope the cause of your demise is dancing all night long at your 100th birthday party! 🙂

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