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Communism seeks control through central banking and central communication. Sound familiar? The federal reserve was created on Jekyll island off the coast of georgia, in order to create central banking and control of the money supply, to promote a communist agenda. If you'll notice the suppression of conservative speech on social media, it is by design, to control communication through central communication. Free ideas and speech and an open mind promotes learning and discussion. Censorship closes knowledge and is the hallmark of communist societies such as north korea who control all communication. The question is, which side will be on? Suppression of speech and killer of knowledge, or the free flow of information and learning?

Thirst2learn 7 Oct 8

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You're a conservative and grumpy because no one buys the stupid crap you have to say.
So you call us communist and assume you can put on trial because you're that important.
You aren't that important, neither am I.
Stupid ideas and fallacious claims are what I'm seeing from you, not the communist plot to shut you up that you claim.

@Thirst2learn No more like Dopey


I don't agree with you, but since you're a new member, let me suggest this group: "Conservative Atheists"

And if you want, this group: "Common Ground"


I understand if you've just spent an hour listening to someone babble about the Federal Reserve. But this website is for Atheists and Agnostics, not for escapees from an asylum. You're looking for ReddIt or 4chan.



The dead giveaway is that it was put on Jekyll island, because that is where they HYDE, HAHA!
These shape changing Jewish commie alien Bilderberg lizard people cannot help but give themselves away by obvious puns and jokes!
They think we are all stoopid, but stoopid like a fox!
David Icke warned us all!
GOTCHA you illuminate barstuds!!!!!


In return you might do a dictionary search for the verb to joke? Never mind I will save you the trouble.

Joke: To talk humorously or flippantly. To cause amusement or laughter


"Communism seeks control through central banking and central communication. Sound familiar?"
Actually, no, not at all. Strong central banks are a feature of capitalist economic systems.

"The federal reserve was created ... in order to create central banking and ... promote a communist agenda."
Central banking has its origins in the founding of this country. Was Alexander Hamilton a communist? Where ever did this notion come from? Bankers, including those who serve on the board of governors or work at one of the regional banks, are among the most capitalist (i.e., least communist) people on the planet!

"Free ideas and speech and an open mind promotes learning and discussion."
Agree 100%!

"The question is, which side will be on?"
This site is comparable to the commons. Can a location or virtual space where people gather to share views 'take a side?' And are there but two sides to take?

@Thirst2learn "The massive printing of fake to give away to the masses for doing nothing is not a capitalist ideal."
What does this sentence even mean?

"Decentralized banking ... could not be corrupted to steal from the working people..."
One need look no further than the Charles Keating S&L scandal to understand that the reverse is actually the case. Unregulated banks invite corruption and even criminal behavior. For every George Bailey there's a dozen Henry F. Potters. Do you believe it prudent to put your money in a bank not insured by the FDIC?

"...the creation of fiat currency enabled politicians to steal the buying power of savers simply by printing more dollars..."
Actually, the beauty of the Fed is that it is quite independent of politics, which has frustrated politicians on both sides of the aisle. Only the central banks of Germany and Switzerland are more independent from their political systems.

"...increasing the cost of living..."
Just the opposite, as the fiscal policies of the Fed continue to keep inflation extremely low.

"Corruption at its core, dishonesty rampant, while they gloat and insult in their barbaric ways."
What the hell is this? An argument? A point of view? Or mere rant? Won't you please step down from your soapbox?


"Communism"??????? Welcome back from Pluto, try to catch up........

@Thirst2learn so, you are as dumb as I figured, and combative, because that's what stupid people do when challenged, just like drumpy.

@Thirst2learn nope, wrong again, look, just above, Iwhere i am insulting you......duuuuhhhhhhhhhh.


Thirst 2 learn, or Thirst 2 preach?

@Thirst2learn What are your credentials?

@Thirst2learn You call yourself
"Thirst2learn" but say you're here to teach, without invitation or credentials. You are not the most educated or most accomplished member yet presume yourself qualified to teach us and that you know something we want to learn, when in truth you don't even know how to support your factual claims with evidence. I already know all I need to know about you. Goodnight.

@Thirst2learn Spoken like someone without degrees and credentials. You have Trumper stench.

This guy has been posting pro-christian propoganda on other posts BTW. Everyone needs to report him. We don't need brainless pedos around here!

@Thirst2learn Dunning Kruger. They who know the least fantasize their knowing the most. And this guy chooses a name that’s a lie.


We're on the side of supporting the factual claims made in your posts and comments with evidence, so come back when you've figured out what evidence is.

@Thirst2learn No plagiarizing. No cut and paste. Provide a link to the source to ensure accuracy.

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