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LINK It’s True, Dogma Lives Loudly within Judge Barrett -

Like Judge Barrett, President Jefferson was no stranger to religion, but unlike her, he understood that upholding the law comes before personal beliefs. Moreover, as many reports in addition to Barrett’s own writings and associations indicate, the self-described “faithful Catholic” has a strong aversion to legal precedence—and perhaps more importantly, a deep-seated opposition to abortion, LGBTQ+ rights, the Affordable Care Act, and other matters that impact people’s basic liberties.

snytiger6 9 Oct 10

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She's a religious nut case!


If you cannot follow the law but your religion is more important than you should not be appointed to those positions.


Would someone please supply a credible link documenting an instance where ACB made a judgment based on her "faith" and in defiance with the law.

"In 1998, Barrett co-wrote a law review article that said Catholic judges must “adhere to their church’s teaching on moral matters,” suggesting they might have to recuse themselves in certain death penalty cases. In 2015, she signed a letter with other Catholic women describing “the teachings of the Church as truth,” including “the value of human life” beginning at conception and marriage “founded on the indissoluble commitment of a man and a woman.”

Columbia University law professor Katherine Franke said that asking Barrett how she would handle “an irreconcilable conflict between the commitment she’s made to religious law and the commitment she’s made to secular law” would be acceptable. But specifics about Barrett’s faith, such as broaching People of Praise, would have “a bad odor,” Franke said".

@K9Kohle789 This does not fulfill my request. Where is her adjudication which defies the law?

@PBuck0145 She has only been a mere circuit judge who doesn't decide major topics. She hasn't had an opportunity to fuck up the laws as opposed to her religion. Can't prove what she did cuz she was never in this high court position. There is a huge amount of information about her votes so far here. SInce she scares me I don't have anything positive to show you. I don't like her and won't be forced to defend her views SORRY......Not sorry-Reeses. []


She is a scary person. She would rollback progress by a hundred years if she could.


She’s the conservative male dream of a good woman, like Palin, which means she’s not a real woman at all or she wouldn’t be advocating ownership of women’s bodies by the state. She’s the worst kind of terf.


She has NO business being a judge, on any level.


Her on the court is a frightening thought. It's like she'd a programmed robot. As if she were inbred.

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