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Who here is interested in Norse mythology aka the Viking religion. I am even though I'm atheist Odin fascinated me.

DarwinMyHero97 4 Oct 14

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Boy this reveals how ethno-centric this site is. There are plenty of interesting native american myths. One for example is why Michigan looks like a hand or a mitten. The Great Spirit placed his hand on the earth to steady it as it was being made. Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan is where a mother bear lay down to watch over her cubs which were swimming in Lake Michigan. The Cubs drowned and became two small islands off the coast there. The mother bear stayed to keep watch over them and was covered with sand.

@codyMW Then every comment afterward was about Norse, Greek or Egyptian myths. Those areas are the European/Mediterranean cradle of "Western Civilization". There is a lot more to the world than that, including north american indigenous myths. So yes this post and comments has an ethno-centric view. Sorry if you do not have the knowledge to understand that.


It is natural for people of European descent to exhibit curiosity about pagan European religions. Their ancient ancestors were pagans before they were forced at swords point to adapt Christianity.Prior to 800 AD, the Catholic Church had little luck in forcing Christianity down peoples' throats. But then, they found a Frankish warlord, who would agree to being made 'Emperor of the West'. And who was then charged with the forcible conversion of Europeans to Christianity. Charlemagne's armies marched far and wide, throughout Europe, suppressing paganism, and slaughtering people by the tens of thousands, in the quest to convert people to the strange and foreign religion that became Christendom. In return, Charlemagne and his fellow warlords became the nucleus of a new, feudal ruling class, ordained by 'God' with the 'divine right' to rule.The common people became the peons of their 'lords'. And the Church acquired the military clout to uphold its power over all. The advance of Christianity in Europe is inextricably intertwined with the advance of Feudalism.


I am interested in history, myths are part of history.


I enjoy all mythologies from all different parts of the world. All fairy tails they are just like religion.


My father told me the sagas from the Edda throughout my childhood. Gods and heroes and monsters all existed on Yggdrasil, the world tree. The things that fascinated me are that the most powerful beings in that universe were three women, The Norns, Wyrd, Verdandi, and Skuld who lived at the base of Yggdrasil, tended its roots, spun out the lifetime of each inhabitant, god, monster or hero, and cut it off at the right time. As a young girl, I liked that idea. Also, Odin Altfather had two spies, ravens called thought and Memory flying out each day and reporting on the state of the universe each night. while bickering with each other.
The Norse gods did not require worship.
All kinds of cool details. Find out how Odin lost his eye.
I like these stories.

... and how Tyr lost his hand.


I'm done with it all, the only thing I still care for might be the art...


One of my biggest passions is mythology. I lean more toward Egypt, but I have a working knowledge of Sumerian, Greek, and Norse--and Jewish/Xtian myth, too.

Can you give the title of one to two books which would sum up what you have found? I am interested but have no idea who is reputable and who is not. Thanks.

@dalefvictor If you are looking for archetypal myths--those that have the same theme, etc.--find JF Bierlein's book Parallel Myths. It is a good base. If you are interested in reading myths of different cultures, that is harder as there are LOTS of works on specific cultures and others that cover several cultures.

@Gwendolyn2018 I ordered it, thanks for the title. I will get back to you for others when I know what to ask. Read Jung, Watts, and Campbell when in College. See how much I remember, it has been a while. I am trying to write a story and have decided to use other cultures as an outline of them. Perhaps I can make enough sense to make it interesting.

@dalefvictor I have gathered my knowledge base from many works over several decades! But I can try to give you some pointers. I focus on the specific mythoi of a culture, but more the archetypal elements, i.e. the dying and resurrecting deity.


It is hard to comprehend why the Norse would have adopted Christianity when they already had their own pantheon of awesome gods, with cool names not just 'god'.

BDair Level 7 Oct 14, 2020

For a long time, the religion was syncretic, a mixture of Norse paganism and Xtianity. Not sure when--or if--Xtianity finally won out.

It was a political decision, the Holy Roman empire asked the Norse to get on board, the Norse said sure but there's a few days of the week we would like to keep, you guys accept our days and we'll accept your God then we can start trading.
The Romans asked which days.
Tuesday, named for Tiw
Wednesday, named for Woden
Thursday, anmed for Thor
and Friday named for Freya
Then the deal was done.

@Willow_Wisp It was pretty much like as you say BUT with the added 'Christian Twist' imposed by the 'Holy Roman Empire' that Christians were FORBIDDEN to enter into trade, etc, with Non-Christians and doing so would result in either Excommunication or punishment by Death.
That "Christian Twist' literally cut off the trade between Vikings/Norse peoples and the rest of the Christian world until King Harold Blue-Tooth decided to get baptised for the sake of his people, thus re-opening the trades with Christians.
A very much similar scenario occurred with the 'invasion' of the Holy Roman Empire in places like England, Ireland, Scotland, etc, etc, down through the years and in some places is still happening in some Third World countries as well, i.e. a sort of Catholic style ultimatum of " Convert and Thrive, fail to convert and starve."

The Norse didn't convert of their own free will. Olaf I, the first Christian king of Norway, converted them with threat of the headsman's axe.


I have always enjoyed a good myth, especially by a good story teller. Nothing wrong with taking them for what they are, stories meant for entertainment in today's day and age.


I always prefered Greek mythology. I am searching for a book with less common myths & characters. Haven't found one yet but the search continues.

Which mythoi have you examined?


I like any old folklore myths. I mean they're so much more colorful than ONE GOD. Just look at them all and they're so much fun to learn as well,[]
Zeus. Roman name: Jupiter or Jove. The sky-god Zeus rules Mount Olympus. ...
Hera. Roman name: Juno. ...
Poseidon. Roman name: Neptune. ...
Hades. Roman name: Pluto. ...
Pallas Athena. Roman name: Minerva. ...
Phoebus Apollo. Usually just called Apollo. ...
Artemis. Roman name: Diana. ...
Aphrodite. Roman name: Venus.

Even the Egyptians knew this:

From the "Hymn to Isis"

All mortals who live on the boundless earth,
15 Thracians, Greeks and Barbarians,
Express Your fair Name, a Name greatly honoured among all, but
Each speaks in his own language, in his own land.
The Syrians call You: Astarte, Artemis, Nanaia;
The Lycian tribes call You: Leto, the Lady;
20 The Thracians also name You as Mother of the Gods;
And the Greeks call You Hera of the Great Throne, Aphrodite,
Hestia the goodly, Rheia and Demeter.
But the Egyptians call You 'Thiouis' because they know that You, being One, are all

However, the Romans were just copycats; they "stole" the Greek deities and some Etruscan deities. Jung's theory of archetypes shows that most myths are the same ones.

And how so regularly often do we hear these Faithfools refer to their God as being Jove?

@Triphid The best part of these gods are they aren't thought of as someone's REAL god. Everyone knows they're myth. Religious claim their god isn't myth but is up in the sky listening to their prayers. So big difference. They don't realize their god is also myth.


My mother in law was born and raised in Fredrickstad, Norway. My DNA is from Iceland and Norway. Mythology is fun, IMO.


Not a follower, but I have done rune readings.

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