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LINK Atheists Call for Removal of Jesus Painting from Shreveport (LA) Police Dept. | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

It’s not just a religious image; the story of Jesus, at least in theory, is about a guy who was tortured to death for unjust reasons and about forgiving criminals for their actions. That’s the opposite of how the law ought to work. Religion, maybe, but not the justice system.

snytiger6 9 Oct 17

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Why is it there? Simple.

Christianity works on the guilt principle. Anyone there waiting to talk to the police (and in LA everyone is assumed to be a Christian) sees the painting, and subconsciously starts thinking about Jesus watching over everything they do, and judging their actions... hearing their words... knowing whether they're lying or telling the truth. And in theory, they're going to show more discomfort if they're lying, because Jesus is right out there in the hall, listening to them lie.

How this is supposed to work on Jews, atheists, etc., I don't suppose they thought through. Those are just mythical people anyway, they don't really exist. Only Southern Christians are real.


How many times do you have to be arrested to know there is a Jesus painting inside that police department? Just askin.'

When I was a kid, I went on a tour of the police department. I am pretty sure they still have tours open to the general public.


That's Louisiana, alright. Look at our quality of life ranking in 2020. But Hey! Who needs that when we have Jeebus?


Fuck that shit. Why not show other fake deities then? Thor comes to mind.


Whoa...wait a minute...this is a business oppoutunity! I've got hundreds of paintings of Hindu Gods I could sell to every police station and government institution in the country! I'll be a millionaire!

Heck, I've got several pallets of paintings of Muhammad that are a hard sell. I give them a great free Muhammad painting with every purchase!

Does that come with neck armor to prevent beheading? 😕

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