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The inside of my ears are itchy, have anyone els got that problem. I need to know how to deal with it. At the moment I do have a cream but may there be anything els that I could do?

Jolanta 8 Oct 17

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Just a suggestion ... have a medical professional look in your ears , instead of trying random cures ?

Yes, I have been to the doctor and they gave me a cream and it does help but as soon as I stop using it, the itch comes back. I was wondering if someone had the same problem and had a new cream/pill that I did not know about

@Jolanta There are so many potential causes for itching - not sure how anyone would know you have the same exact cause ... good luck.


baby oil to soften the skin. steroid topical ointment that relieves inflammation, such as 1-percent hydrocortisone cream or 0.1-percent betamethasone cream. swimmer's ear eardrops, or a diluted solution of rubbing alcohol, acetic acid, or hydrogen peroxide.


It's spring both in Australia and South Africa. I have that problem and my nose itch. I take an allergy pill every night before bed. It seems to be working. Its a seasonal thing with me.


Have a friend look first


Peroxide or alcohol on a Qtip.


May want to try spraying a litte peroxide in it ,for tempory releif


Try an antihistamine tablet. Hayfever or some other allergy may be causing it.

...could be seasonal, so an antihistamine seems about right this time of year.

@TimeOutForMe hayfever gives me itchy ears when it's really bad and with the winds we've been having the last couple of weeks it's been that way.

@Cyklone you better get on to a seasonal antihistamine for hay-fever fast. Speak to a Pharmacist for guidance. There's new products on the market from time to time. Good luck 👍

It is not hay fever, I had it now for a number of years but it is getting worse.


Call a clinic and ask to speak to a nurse.




I get that a lot. The pharmacy sells an inexpensive ear cleaning kit that you use over a three day period and the wax comes out. There is ear candling but I haven't tried that.

I know you're not supposed to put qtips in your ears but when it gets really bad, I do it anyway but very carefully. Best of luck.

I had my ears cleaned out by a nurse and have no wax.

@Jolanta Do you mind if I ask how she did it?

@LovinLarge No problem. They sucked it out with a machine.

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