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As Agnostics, we had best stop using that word . . . . This is from the etymological dictionary. Goodbye . . . uuuuhhh!

Archeus_Lore 7 Oct 17

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Nothing wrong with using goodbye. Words meanings change all the time.


Even as an Atheist, I have no problem with "merry Christmas" or "holiday". Why would I avoid "goodbye"?

I’m the same way. Depends who I’m saying it to. Close family members will always be the “merry” as well as those who have religious beliefs. But fr the most part I always say Happy Holiday or something such as have a very safe and enjoyable holiday.


When in parting, I usually tell people to "Have a great day." 🙂

I also say it to my cheese, as I grate it over my food, but with a different spelling: "Have a grate day." 😛

Ingratiating yourself with your cheese, I see! 🤣😅


I think 450 years is a long enough gap to safely use the word goodbye without anyone thinking we are “closet” Christians.! 😂


Well speaking an an atheist -- the highest grouping on this site -- since the religious origins of the word goodbye ( which I know as I teach English and usually tell students that) is completely irrelevant now, and is not used in any religious way, I have no problem with it. If we went back and researched all of English for words with a religious origin or some origin not acceptable in the new puritanism of woke political correctness, then our language might be gutted. I live in fear that the woke set might do that anyway, but for language origins that relate not so much with religion but their usual political correctness preoccupations.

Just remember "atheist" is a shared moniker of agnostics as well as gnostics. As soon as I discovered the disparity between the two on this site, I dropped the atheist label like a hot potato.

Besides, I discovered through exploration after joining I am and always have been apatheist. I don't care if there is a god and I definitely don't care what anyone thinks they know about them.

@DangerDave no, i get tired of posts that begin with "As agnostics..." ... "We agnostics...." " As an agnostic site...." etc. It goes back to the damn site name, and the attitude of some agnostics. And I don't even know what the meaning is of your first sentence. I'm not being snarky, I just really don't, given the debates that go on here on the meaning of atheism and agnosticism.

@David1955 Here's the breakdown

@DangerDave oh I know this. Atheism is not a shared moniker of agnostics and gnostics , and one of these tables doesn't prove it. If you don't think so, post a question asking atheists on this site to see if they agree with you.

@David1955 It'd mean nothing as gnostic atheists are the most vocal on this site.

Even if there are more gnostic atheists, you're using the same "more of us" argument for validation as theists use.

I find it sad gnostic atheists troll a site which was clearly not created for them. Ominous too in that too many are clearly here to evangelize.

@David1955 Hah!
Since so many atheists think it's REALLY an atheist site, I often feel it necessary to announce my status before continuing. MANY atheists take it for granted everyone here agrees with them, which is most certainly not the case.
Furthermore, contrary to the handy graph offered above, I am 100% certain I don't know if there's a 'god,' not some lesser percentage.
So screw you if you don't like it.

@Storm1752 completely wrong, hot head. In fact it is a site primarily for the non religious, that includes the spectrum of positions, and atheists are not the ones trying to claim it, merely correcting agnostics when they directly, or by inference, attempt to do so.

@DangerDave false, for the same reasons I gave Mr storm below. And the site wasn't created for any specific group. Got that?

@David1955 Wow, another know it all. So the name of the site means nothing. And "correcting agnostics"? You have no grounds to do so, no matter what you think you know.

I often purposely avoid posts clearly directed at gnostic atheists just to avoid such conflicts. It'd do you well to do the same. Regardless, you'll find a great deal of resistance in selling your belief system here.

@DangerDave it would do you good to reflect upon @David1955 comments. This conversation has taken place over and over. I had assumed you were a newbie but was surprised you’ve been a member for a few years

@Marcie1974 Did he call you for help? Anyway, there is nothing to reflect on. This guy is just another bullying gnostic. He can take his "corrections" elsewhere.

@DangerDave I didn’t say he was asking for help. He’s more knowledgeable than you, therefore you should take time to listen

@Marcie1974 I've already heard his vast wisdom on harassing agnostics. My BS level from this guy has already been exceeded.

@DangerDave "So the site name means nothing?"

The site name is the domain name the site Admin took out because it was available, that's all. Admin has said so. It's not an agnostic only site. It's not an atheist only site. And unambiguous atheists like me have never tried to say anything other than that. Here endeth the lesson.


Interesting discussion, but can’t we just ge back to eating babies?

Very cute baby.....funny video....Thanks


"As Agnostics, we had best stop using that word ...." (sic)

Wouldn't the agnostic be unable to decide one way or t'other?


So long
See ya tomorrow
Have a nice day.

Many other options.. Bye ☺


God, in the Scandinavian tongues, from which the English word "good" originates, simply means good, as opposed to bad.
Hence, etymologically, goodbye is a contraction of "good things be with ye".


I see it rather as: a 'bye' is a temporary leave of absence, or a pause. So it's like, "In the interval of time we are apart, I hope everything goes well."
I don't CARE if there's an alternative derivation.


Every time a Christian mentions "Saturday" they are unknowingly paying homage to the pagan god Saturn, who ate his sons, thereby sanctioning murder, cannibalism and child abuse and condemning their souls to an eternity in Hades.

All good biblical traits in their own right.


OK. In the KJV bible Paul said "I wanted to come to you but I was let." Language changes over time. The word "let" actually meant prevented at the time of this translation.


Meanings change: case in point - gay

Yep, I can remember when 'gay' meant that someone was happy, cheerful, joyous and the like.


The Bible talks about eating. As a result in protest I am never eating again. I will ahow those theist!


Usually I say Ciao. I don't know why it just is what it is.


God. Wow. I'm not burning in gnostic atheist hell.

I'll stick with the modern definition of "good" and not worry about it. But then I say things like "spiritual" and "humanist". Oh my!!!





That's okay, I say, "later tator". 😀

Leelu Level 5 Oct 18, 2020

I'll argue the point if someone feels truly compelled.


Maybe we should depart saying...."Take It Slow"


The term "good" has grown well beyond its etymological origins. I have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that limits my expression.
I don't think this behavior would strip me of my agnostic cred.


In that context then should we all not cease using phrases such as "Bless you" when someone sneezes, etc, etc?
There are almost countless phrases in common usage that may/may not also have 'religious' connotations IF one where to actually seek solely to find them.
As an Aussie we often get around such 'religiosities' by merely saying things such as " See ya 'round." Catch ya later," " Take it easy," and when someone sneezes I usually use the German saying, "Gesundheit" which simply means "Good Health," another Aussie style greeting when meeting a friend is " How's it hanging, Mate?", to which the usual response is " OH, a bit on the soft side and to the left," though it should only be used when greeting a male friend.


"Godspeed, John Glenn."

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