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LINK What people born today will never experience...

How technology might change how we live. Anything to add? Anything you think is wrong?

shockwaverider 8 Apr 10

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Dinner served on a 9" plate [ western culture]


"A world without poverty"

What fucking planet are they on? Whilst capitalism is still the driver of most economies, there will always be poverty - especially as automation becomes the norm. Entry level jobs will reduce and only those with specialist skills will be able to find employement.

Poverty is on the increase.


Think about all the things that have changed in the last 50 years. No more rotary phones, no more shared phones. Who needs a paper encyclopedia anymore with unprecidented access to information. Way fewer people wear watches. You don't need paper maps anymore. You can have groceries delivered within 2 hours and virtually anything else within 2 days. And so on.


Natural sound.

Maybe they will pipe it in...


The annoyance of having a friend with 0's in their phone number when you have a rotary phone.


Dam I was hoping to see government control eradicated.

Didn't you see the no privacy one? It would be nice.


You never know at 79 I see history repeating itself and nothing going to stop it.

History may repeat itself but each time with "better" technology...

And it looks like the same results


That last one is extremely delusional.

I prefer to think of it as optimistic. That's something every generation thinks they can solve with whirled peas...

@shockwaverider Oh, it's optimistic alright! World peace has a much better chance than the eradication of poverty under our current structure as some countries find peace for long periods of time while every country has poverty problems.

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