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Sin Cities

Does anyone know of a town or city where the majority of residents are atheists or agnostics?

Treasurehunter 6 Apr 10

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Most European and scandinavian ones.


I can agree personally with the Portland data mentioned here. Just from personal experience, I'd think that San Francisco is pretty high, too.

That's cause their smokin weed! Lol?

@Coldo Comments like this do not help either of our causes.

@Wrytyr Doesn't mean it's not funny. 🙂


I doubt there would be a majority of atheists / agnostics except in some small anomalous Podunk somewhere -- and then I doubt you could find out from public data because these things are seldom asked and even more seldom given honest answers to in surveys, and they generally only survey large cities.

The best indicator would be the ranking of how religious cities or metropolitan areas are, which is at least in part a measure of how many "Nones" there are relative to specific religious affiliations. Some of that data also comes from asking people if they go to church and how often, and similar questions. They are only rough indicators of their actual thinking.

For example you can go here:

<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" class="forumlink">[]

... and sort the "Unaffiliated" column by clicking on it, and you'll see Portland and Seattled tied at 37% "unaffiliated" which I assume is atheists, agnostics and theists who have no church affiliation. That means 63% of people even in those cities are still officially religious, and quite a few of the remainder are still in sway to some form of religious faith.

Ironically "sin city", aka Las Vegas, is not at the top of the list.

Wrong.... Sweedon is almost all atheists...


In the U.S., teh largest major city that is hte least religious is Portland, Oregon.

You would hoever do better to look outside of the U.S. tofind larger numbers of atheists.


Shall we all just move en masse and start one?

Second this!

Delaware has lots of farmland to build EcoSocialist gated communities requiring lifelong Atheism for children and cooperative memberships.....if fake Atheists spend the money to troll us they self cancel their membership contract and their unused membership will be returned pro-rata and they will be arrested for trespassing if not vacating the premises @misstuffy and I love this Atheistville concept with doctors clinics markets and movie theaters

@Larry68Feminist I don't mind if the patronize our businesses, the idea is just to have a low key town, pretty much like any other small town minus the religious crap. I think pressure from neighbors would keep the trolls out. their behavior in most towns of how they treat none believers would simply be turned back on them and I doubt many would want to live in a community where they are
not welcome.

@misstuffy I was hoping Gore Vidal would come back from Italy for helping Atheists but he died over there and no word on his heirs


All of Sweedon...... All of Finland... Most of Germany.... Lots of Las Vegas....

I would move to Las Vegas if I had the money to .

Las Vegas has a strong Mormon base. Gambling tends to taint the rest of the city. I don't care for it.

@GeorgeRocheleau I live in Vegas it’s easy to avoid the gambling but hard to avoid the cultish mormons/LDS crowd. But extremely easy to pick out the jack-mormons.


Stockholm, Reykjavik; Oslo.


I live in Portland and there are plenty of atheists, but there are also plenty of people who practice psuedo-buddhism and other types of spirituality. To be hones, I think I prefer a moderate christian to new age spirituality.


Any large liberal city will have lots of Atheists. A majority? Probably not. College towns (with a secular university of course) might be worth checking out.

Stay out of the bible or rust belts. From my personal experience, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and the SF Bay Area / Silicon Valley are good places to live.


About 42% of the New Zealand population identifies as "no religion" and this percentage is increasing. (Census)
My opinion: a lot of those who identify as Christian in the census aren't necessarily practicing Christians.


There is a secrete order out there. They want to remain infamous.


This article names Seattle.


It's pretty much agreed that from San Francisco to Seattle (via Portland, Oregon) are the most atheists/nones per capita population, than any other region in America. I believe this to be true. The PNW/CA are a sane "country" in an insane country.

Many Atheist groups from San Diego to Vancouver Canada elect women as their leaders as Atheism has been a good old boy network since Ethan Allen Ingersoll and Lincoln.....women have the most to lose inside theocracy and I am proud of my left coast comrades...Madalyn and the Gaylors have done a good job since Atheist Margaret Sanger died in Arizona


amsterdam pretty liberated

Diversity of faiths in Amsterdam
While Christianity was traditionally the predominant religion in the Netherlands (and memories of Calvinism still have an influence on various aspects of culture and daily life), there are now more Dutch people identifying as non-religious than as Christians. A survey from the year 2000 reports that 60% of the adult population of Amsterdam professed no affiliation with any church or other religious or ideological movement. But Amsterdam remains a spiritually vibrant place. The largest religion in Amsterdam is still Christianity (17%, of which Roman Catholics form the majority, with 10%), though Islam (currently 14%) is rapidly growing in popularity and is predicted to be the largest religious group within a few years. Three ethnic groups—Moroccans, Turks and Surinamese—contain a much higher percentage of people who feel affiliated to a particular religion.


Moscow? Bejing? Pyongyang?

I suppose China with its traditions of Taoism and confucianism which do not have gods or supposed to be civil codes may be a good place to start looking.

@Treasurehunter Bhuddism also has no deities. That religion started in India.

@AncientNight As I understand it started so. I have been somewhat puzzled as to whether some modern day practitioners have elevated the Buddha into "godly status" when they pray to Buddha for intercession. I take your point. Sri Lanka and other Buddhist majority countries would be places worth considering.

@Treasurehunter From Bhuddists that I've met and spoken with, they all agree that the Bhudda was a man that achieved total enlightenment. I thin think they said that that only happens about once every 1,000 years or so, give or take a couple hundred. I think that means that it's going to be a VERY long time before I get there.

Somehow I don’t think any of those places would be a very good place to live. I think I’d just as soon live with the Christains as to live in any of those places.

Pyongyang might be more atheist but I’d rather live in Christiandom than a place like that.

@Treasurehunter I do not believe they "pray to Buddha", they holdd him up as having achieved perfect peace/enlightenment & mediate on how to get there as well.


Not sure, might be worth looking up, I'd be curious to know such myself.

The trouble with the more liberal atheist cities is that’s those place’s also have the most gun control laws. I think I’d just as soon live with the pro-gun Christains as to live with the liberal atheist gun grabbers.

@Trajan61 You're right about that.


Toronto , oakville , montreal,

bejing shanghai pyong yan


Las Vegas and Atlantic City?


I would like to move from fairly religious town I live in.




Maybe Northampton when Bradlaugh was elected 5 times MP always an Atheist refusing to swear to queen AND YOUR ALLEGED church of England gawd geebush jeehobah ghostholes as for Agnostics find a Huxley cult in Wales somewhere

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