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LINK Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett’s legitimacy crisis, in just 2 numbers - Vox

The problem here is that not every person is represented equally.

altschmerz 9 Oct 27

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She got sworn in last night, and there was a LOT of swearing everywhere.


Perhaps the large blue states ought to split themselves into smaller chunks, ensuring to have at least 1 or 2 large cities in each portion to keep it blue. That way, New York and California could add to the number of Senators they get and the number electors they send to the college.

Also, DC needs to become a fucking state. No taxation without representation!

They've been trying! I think they put it on the ballot every election.

One gubernatorial, last primary, proposed breaking IL into three states. At the time it struck me as ludicrous (and he didn't get many votes) but now that you say that, I see something to it!


It seems to me that it could be bad if IL is split. I think most of the blue votes are in and around Chicago so the northern end would go blue but probably the southern end would go red.

I think NY could easily be split in three safely. NYC can of course be a state itself, same goes for long Island, and upstate can be a state with Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse ensuring that it remain blue.


No use in whining. Start winning and control the levers of power. The whining time should be over sooner or later. We have been doing it for 4 years instead of asking our own Democratic leaders what they should o or change.

"if voting made a difference, they wouldnt let us do it" ?



You're an atheist. You want a religious nutjob on the Supreme Court??


Just wrong


Not encouraging times in the long term for government power and voting rights.


It’s time to await what Associate Justice Barrett does.

Let's hope she turns out to be halfway decent, but I'm not optimistic. She openly stated she bases her decisions on her religious beliefs.


This is just bullshit! I'm just tired of it!

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