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LINK GOP Candidate for Virginia Senate: The Ten Commandments Will Stop Gun Violence | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Local news site Arlington Now recently asked both candidates to submit a 750-word explanation of why Virginians should vote for them. Howell didn’t respond. But Purves’ essay shows why he’s completely unqualified to even be on the ballot.

snytiger6 9 Nov 5

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We based our entire civilization on this kind of thinking for ages, we called it the "Dark Ages" I for one have no interest in a reenactment.


Workin' well so far!


What about Howell's non-response? Guess some candidates don't even feel a need to address the constituents they are supposed to represent. America 2020


Because they have worked so well in the past.


HAHAHAHAHA seriously.........This is becoming just as entertaining as watching Bugs Bunny or Magilla Gorilla cartoons!!


Oh! It is that easy eh? Why didn't we think of this before, DUH!


You've GOT to Kidding.
Like some arcane occult list of does and don'ts is going to stop IDIOTS with guns from shooting innocent people, dream on.
FFS, that idea makes about as much sense as it does to PISS on a raging, out of control Forest fire to put the fire out.
The ONLY logical and reasonable solution to this American Gun Madness IS LEGISLATION and Laws as we have here in Australia AFTER the horrific slaughter at Port Arthur, Tasmania.
TELL the N.R.A, to "bugger off," enact Gun Laws immediately or there WILL be more and more innocent people killed just as in Sandy Hook , Columbine, etc, etc.

Hear! Hear!

That will probably never happen here. This place prides itself in many states as “Gun Country”.

@SeaRay215ex Yep, kind of like Ostriches with their heads in the sand and their arses sticking up just waiting for the gunshot to occur and the bullet to hit home.


GOP is as GOP does, a bunch of bloody oxygen thieves!

Yep, a complete and absolute waste of oxygen, space, etc, etc. and SPERM as well.


Really... “we didn’t have school shootings before the Supreme Court removed the Lord’s Prayer from public schools.” Well, we didn't have school shootings before the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition either. Or before the Rush Limbaugh show.

Care to debate cause and effect some more, moron? Bet I can pick off more sacred cows than you.

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