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If Yahoo’s Jay Michaelson’s prediction about the Fulton case is as faulty as his reporting about the NY churches’ case, he will dine on the bug he offers to eat.



And a fundamentalist household is far more likely to abuse a child than same sex parents.


The USA is rapidly becoming an overseas branch of the Taliban.


Resist theocracy while you can.

Mvtt Level 7 Nov 5, 2020

Yes, because they have been working now for a very long time on changing our history and what we came here for, making this a "Christian Nation." I hate to imagine what we might have in this country in the future. This nonsense has went on my entire lifetime and much more. Believers cannot just leave people the hell alone.

@DenoPenno What do they think they are going to do? Force us to go to church? Try to pass laws to force religion on the nonbelievers? Or something along these lines? Should this ever happen or anything similar, if I’m ever harassed or physically hurt in any way.........someone is getting acid thrown right into their face and for their trouble will lose their eyesight and be scarred for the rest of their lives, and give them something to remember their stupidity. I have no qualms about doing what I have to do to keep myself safe. End of story.

@SeaRay215ex Acid is a bit extreme don't you think? The problem here is that the religious right wants control. They have always wanted control and believe they can legislate a "Christian Nation." This would be about as effective as laws to stop abortion. Even in my church daze I heard sermons constantly about our "Christian Nation." All of them were false.

@DenoPenno I don’t think it’s extreme. If someone wants to cause harm then as I said I’ll do what is necessary to protect myself. Why kill them? Better to make them suffer because that is the real punishment.


The article never explained the case, but I found it online. Hadn't been aware of this case. Thanks for posting.

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