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World Reacted to Biden Win Like America Has Overthrown a Dictator.

That's exactly what Americans did.

A dictator who enriches himself and his family, calls the press "the enemy of the people," calls immigrants rapists and killers, and punishes people who disagree with him.

According to the Constitution, Trump does not have to concede.

Democracy moves on without him.


LiterateHiker 9 Nov 8

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I'm reminded of what happened to Col. Vindman for one. I thought we were goners. I'm still a little tense until Biden is sworn in.


this was a depressingly close call. what the f!


We did didn’t we πŸ™‚


tRump is done. Lets hope he doesn't do to much damage before he's gone.


That's what it felt like under wannsbe Hitler !

I'm kind of hoping he fully resists leaving the White House - so they have to strong-arm his lard-ass outta there !


Good riddance to the worst rubbish possible!🀬


Yes Biden comes to the white house and Truimph ed marched out by the security force and the secret serivice to the presidential helicopter which takes off with out him just as he arrives at it and is shown the gate,Time to walk


Let’s all move on together

Yes i hope you do ,loved his unity speech


All the trunts must have purchased this poster...


The park police have a policy to deal with squatters.


Conceding would be the gracious thing to do, but FTO. Has that man ever done anything gracious in his life?


What does "FTO" stand for? Failure to obey?

His parents raised a horrid human being. I'll bet every tantrum he ever had was rewarded.

@LiterateHiker Figure The Odds.

@LiterateHiker, @BufftonBeotch I recommend the book by Mary Trump. A very dysfunctional household, no weakness was allowed. Conceding would be seen as weakness, giving up the fight.


What does "condeding" mean?

@LiterateHiker It means I have phat phingers. Should be conceding.


@HippieChick58 Not just that but to be left alone at age two and rely on servants for care for a few years!!! His mom was out of it for quite some time and she was cold to all her children.


True, concession call to the victor is only a tradition, not a requirement. Shows one's class, or lack thereof.


Church bells in Paris! Fireworks in London! You'd think it was VE Day!

Fireworks here, too.

It was VT day. We overcame an evil force.

In one way it was a major victory day,stopped the fighting before it started


We literally have

You got it!


The Russian state media is especially unhappy. They must expect a price to be paid for meddling in American (and other) elections, not to mention their warmongering in the former Republics. And let's not forget that they can't look forward to the disintegration of NATO anymore.

It is a HUGE relief

only positive came out of his winning

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