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What really concerns me is the gop members who continue to support trump going after the validity of the vote. The DELAY tactic seems right out of the playbook from 1867 in the Tilden/Hayes election.
Pompao said as much with his comment about a smooth transition to trump presidency. They have learned from trump it is so easy to telegraph their intentions right out in the open because it is so fucking unbelievable people assume (!) they're joking.

It was mentioned on NPR many republicans are still scared to him. Problem is a lot of these criminals were re-elected by the MAGA fools and still feel they need to give in to their constituency. Again, it's about the politicians doing the people's bidding.


His refusal to step down is shameful and embarrassing for USA. This is like a mafia hijacked the WH and refuse to leave. He's sort of planning an ambush for Biden with all his new appointments.

mafia is correct...


According to this his denial is going to far 😂. He's carrying on as if he's won and preparing for second term and more new appointments.


...well I just watched this and he refuses to leave. Listen to the xtian minister behaving like the joker. Absolutely hilarious!


Pity he doesn't go there for thanksgiving, then stay for Christmas.

I'm about to Thanksgiving too.

Christmas 2030...

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