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LINK Grieving Mom Sues Priest Who Said Her Dead Son Might Not Go To Heaven | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Last year, 18-year-old Maison Hullibarger took his own life. His grieving parents, Jeff and Linda, hoped that a local Catholic priest would be able to offer words of solace during Maison’s funeral.

Instead of doing that, Rev. Don LaCuesta made everything worse. Besides saying the word “suicide” six separate times — even though the family never told him the reason Maison had died — LaCuesta said that the method of his death could block him from getting into Heaven.

snytiger6 9 Nov 17

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I don't know if she can get anything in court. I would have gone for the beatdown.


That priest is an evil vile loathsome bullying wretch who is extreme need of having his brain re-wired, even if that means having a sledge hammer applied with great force to the side of his head.


If I'd been the parent, I don't think I would have stopped at just whispering in the guy's ear. If he didn't stop, I would have loudly denounced him in front of everyone. Religion teaches people to be doormats.


Pay the priest enough and he will change his mind. He will pray the kid out for a price.

If the priest drops the money on the ground, your penance will be a bit more severe. So careful with that tactic.


According to their doctrine, spot on. I remember a son of a family friend killed himself. The preacher (they were southern baptist) was all brimstone and fires of hell. It was scary for a 7 year old kid (me).


Sue the God-mobster Arse-wipe for everything and anything she can get and then start on the rest of the Catholic Consortium of Paedophilia, Lies and Deceptions as well.


Catholics say suicide is a sin and usually will not bury them.


Hit his pocket!

Boil him in oil


You know for these people are supposed to be humane and caring and they fail at so many instances. I have no idea why anyone would listen as there is nothing worthwhile there.

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