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LINK What do you know about Crypto currency?

“The libertarian instinct behind the cryptocoin fervor is similar to that driving the affection for assault weapons. The government can’t be trusted. It’s out to get us and make us all slaves of the elite. We should all live in fortified compounds, free of societal restraint. Especially any restraint over our money. Never mind that government monetary management has produced results far superior to the centuries of boom and bust that preceded 1913. It’s the principle that counts.”

Note the word "Libertarian". This group is often ultra conservative (except many in the group are atheists).

JackPedigo 9 Apr 11

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Seems that the influence of crypto is not reaching the masses yet, which crypto will succeed is not easy to predict, the fact that some form of digital crypto currency will overtake monetary currency is almost 100% sure. Whether it will be 5 or 10 main crypto coins or just 1 or 2 , people start to wake up and see the scam that governments pull with creating , and the devaluation and control of money.
The WWW has created the possibility to stand up against government control , in all areas, and finally now also financially.

As bitcoin was and is the forerunner and trying to get adapted in to daily life with the lightning network for faster instant payments , there are other initiatives with additional functionalities for much lower and faster transactions speeds. One of them ECA coin, but others could maybe take over for daily use.
Many shitcoins will die a soon death but crypto will not.

What is your view?


One thing that bothers me a lot about this cryptocurrency thing is the huge amount of energy needed to mine it and to maintain blockchains, all of which is essentially wasted as heat, and will soon be (if it isn't already) a significant contributor to global warming.


All I know is a London bus driver just cashed out a million British pound and retired back to India from Bitcoin.


I understand a bit of the block chain it uses, the technology is solid. I threw a little money in about a year ago as a long term gamble, no intention of even doing anything with it for years. It's the wild west, lots of money being invested and manipulated. Like anything, buyer beware.


You misspelled it. It's spelled Krypto. It's the name of Supermans pet dog.

I don't know about crypto-currency, but I do have a conciderable stash of seeds for vegetables. I use some every year in my garden and replenish and add to this stash every year. Just in case we get another greater depression. I'm also a gun owner. I have a handgun and a rifle. Does that make me a survivalist?


Over the course of a few months, I put about $300 into it spread among the top 3 and have let it ride. It was saved money from something that cost less than expected so figured wtf.

Gonna go check my balance now

let us know

@dianahdz88 I had the least amount in bitcoin which is where my losses are. Pretty much even with litecoin and ether.

Personally I think ether will come out on top in the end


I'm not sure what you might be referring to as "ultra conservative" when referring to Libertarians. I certainly do not consider myself to be ultra conservative. Libertarians are all about freedom, the non-aggression principle, and minimal government. We don't seek to impose upon people how to live their lives, just that the choices they make for themselves should not infringe upon the rights of others.

We find those on the left and the right to be equally problematic. It's interesting how in a single conversation I can agree with something a leftist says and piss off the guy on the right and vice-versa -- inside of about ten minutes. Each will agree with about half of what I say, but be pissed off about the rest!! 🙂 Libertarians do not fit cleanly into the left/right and conservative/progressive paradigm.

Anyway, concerning cryptocurrency, these days the only thing I'm absolutely sure of about it is that my cryptoportfolio has dropped in value dramatically since the beginning of the year. Fortunately, I don't have that much invested in it, so I'm waiting for another dramatic rise in value like what was seen last year. If it doesn't happen it's not enough to hurt me, but if it does then I could experience a fairly substantial windfall!!

When I started down the road of atheist communities one of the first was "The Brights" (which is still around but online). There were numerous members who were conservative atheists. One wanted me to read the most wonderful book ever written "Atlas Shrugged?" (I found it totally boring and pure idealistic). I looked into the group and some things I found were not too pleasing. However, there may be sub sects within the group which see things differently than the parent group but in what I have seen it is often extreme. Many, so-called Republicans are Libertarians. Unfortunately, in an age of the largest population ever and with excessive diversity we need more government to control the masses. The losses we are experiencing is due directly to overpopulation. This site was originally started in order to foster awareness of overpopulation. It is real and it is getting worse!

@JackPedigo The problem with "more government to control the masses" is that it inevitably results in the suppression of individual rights. Typically the argument is that it is for the "greater good," but attempting to mold society in such a way inevitably causes harm. So which of your rights would you be willing to sacrifice??

If anything, it is more important than ever to protect people's individual rights. All people. All rights.

@firecracker with over 320 million of us a large number of whom don't speak our language and have different whose individual rights do we protect and who does the protecting? Population growth cost and access to finite resources is one big cost. So let's all break into competing tribes and everyone for themselves. Ideology is one thing but reality is quite another!


I don't have too much knowledge about it and I'm not sure if it's stable or not. I just know a couple of stories about people I know that know people who made some decent returns on their investments, but that was shortly after it came out and became somewhat popular. I'm talking about tens of thousands of dollars ROI.


Think that as soon as the criminals figure out how to loot it they will.


They are the maintained by the Koch brothers which are anarchists in the first degree and should be watched carefully for the programs they espouse. They run the republican party, supported the john birch society, oppose welfare, support segregation and even slavery at one point. They made their start with Russia and Hitler building over 100 refineries in both countries prior to the 2nd world war.If there is anyone worse than trump it is these guys.


Nothing tell us about it

The link describes the basic facts. I have heard this is a prime way to launder money.

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