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Unfortunately, this virus is not deadly enough to get rid of all the coocoos.


This pastor in Wisconsin compared mandated face masks to the Holocaust

If you want to be a small government conservative, I can respect that. But the pastor takes it too far, in my opinion.


Ah, but Gawd moves in mysterious ways his Zombie Throngs to increase.


They should also be able to drink poison without harm.

And handle venomous snakes.

@Joanne For sure, if it weren't for laws prohibiting it I'd even happily send them as many Aussie snakes as they could handle, especially our Yellow-bellied Black snake, the King Browns, the Taipans, Death Adders, Dugites, etc, etc.
1King Brown can kill up to and including 10 grown adults with the venom it injects, let's see them play with a few of those.

@Triphid I can throw in a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake πŸ™‚

@Joanne Sorry BUT I'd back our King Brown over any Rattler anytime.
When I was working on a Sheep Property back in 1979 part-time as a Station hand, we had to shoot a horse that was bitten by a King Brown, within less that 3 minutes the horse had collapsed to the ground, was having massive spasms, foaming from the mouth and nostrils, the leg where it was bitten had swollen up to around 3 times normal size.
The snake did NOT survive btw, it too was shot TWICE to make sure it was dead.
That horse was my best work-mate, even now I miss "Old Dopey."

@Triphid Yes, I have heard that Aussie poisonous snakes put ours to shame. I just thought it would be nice to be able to contribute something πŸ™‚.

@Joanne Just contribute the endless supply of those idiotic God-mobsters and we'll let our snakes take of them one by one, okay.
Nah, on second thoughts throw ALL the venomous snake you can think of as well and let the snakes get their revenge for being falsely made the 'scape-goats' in Genesis.
We could find a nice warm sandy atoll miles from anywhere, place all the bible-bashers on it without any weapons, etc, no anti-venoms and then let the snakes have at it with them while we sit back at a safe distance and watch the events unfold.


In the Death with Dignity program Christians complain this is wrong as it is a form of playing god with one's body and upends gods plan for our death and so is unnatural. However, those same hypocrites will go to any lengths to extend their lives and never seem to question the 'unnaturalness' of this. I have said they all say they can't wait to meet Jesus but not just yet.


Rather than just letting them die from there lack of understanding or scientific knowledge. Shouldn’t we as scientists have the obligation to educate the theistic minded? It just seems heartless and cold! What would Carl do?

You can lead them to science but you cannot force them to think.


The concept expressed here is the problem I have whenever something fortunate that occurs is attributed to fate or as "meant to be". Imo, we can't attribute beneficial things that occur to fate without also doing the same for things that are harmful. No one wants to believe they were fated to get cancer, or that a loved one should die in a car accident.


The problem is they accept it's god's plan if they expose you and you die also.


No shit, Sherlock!


Stupid religious is as stupid religious does.


Damn straight!!


Good reason not to believe or participate

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 27, 2020

Exactly. Natural selection. Goodbye, idiots!


Unfortunately they spread the Corona virus and tax our healthcare system. Being in any indoor crowd is selfish beyond belief.

That is really the issue. If they want to worship Casper the friendly ghost, so be it, it’s the effect on the rest of society that is troubling. Damn selfish bastards




Seems fair. Can we add a clause that says their estate will be used to pay medical expenses for anyone they infect outside the church?


Living proof that darwin was wrong...

Actually, I think Darwin is right in this case. The fools who insist on attending religious gatherings will be the ones to get sick and die by all being exposed at the same time.
However, when they get sick and recover, they will thank god, even when trained medical people were the ones who tended to their needs.

@Dicaron Or worse, they survive , thus proving gods love, yet they infect 5 innocents...

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