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LINK With Tanden Choice, Democrats Stick it to Sanders Voters

"The difference between conventional Democrats and the Sanders movement is that Democrats never allowed themselves to view Sanders and his followers as anything but threats that needed squashing. They were never tempted, even for a moment, to take the idea of a Sanders presidency seriously. Sanders was loyal in the end to the party that made a mission of destroying him, and now gets Neera Tanden up the keister as the first installment in what is sure to be a long program of repayment for the sin of running without permission. Welcome to the eternal law of American politics, where no crime is punished more harshly than being a good loser."

WilliamCharles 8 Dec 1

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Bernie has placed much of his agenda into the public discourse. I supported Bernie in the primary to bring his topics to the forefront. Not for one moment did I think Bernie could beat the Master of the Con. Raygun was the beginning of the dismatalization of the New Deal. Decemating unions, the union buster himself garnered the union vote. We are here to move our nation incrementally towards progress. The backlash was expected. What is in the water of 70 million citizens that the kool aid is relished? We are dying!!!! Lemmings!!!!


Nothing new here, look for Rahm to get into the cabinet also, another progressive-hater..


This little subset of disaffected angry people will become just another part of the very large of disaffected angry people. Hows it feel to be just like qanon believers and convicted felons and all the other groups that aren't part if democratic rule?


What chafes my hide is that Biden fluffers bullied and begged progressives to rally behind Creepy Addled Credit Card Joe and vote blue while holding their noses, and now he and the party act like he has some centrist mandate.

He was an unqualified corporatist in all the other runs where he crashed and burned, and he certainly hasn't improved with age.


Why are some Sanders supporters so prickly and aggressively defensive????

Joe is in the driver's seat now. His pandering platitudes and pablum will only go so far. He's hired lobbyists who've notified their corporate cronies to start compiling their wish lists.


@WilliamCharles More of your BS. Will you ever wise up?

Most probably because they know Bernie made the wrong choice in trying to take over the dem party instead of reclaiming and building the democratic socialist party, and thier too invested at this point to admit their mistake. So they blame everyone else for thier guys failed bids instead of the guy who actually made the plan, and scream and screech when they continue to not get what they want.

Reminds me of another fervently fanatical base.

@1of5 Yep. Tyranny of the left or right is tyranny. That is the enemy. People so forget. Sore losers throwing out the good for the perfect.


Oh boo ho. Sanders isn't even a member of the party, it was made clear he wasn't wanted, and yet he keeps coming back. Don't get mad at the centist party for rejecting the liberal, get mad at the liberal for sticking with the centrist party.

1of5 Level 8 Dec 1, 2020
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