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What are your thoughts about the spirit science channel?

Is there any validity to what spirit science teaches?

Adorkable 6 Apr 11

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Just saying is a suggestive state of mind required? But, I really want the tachyonic antitelephone and maybe Inception (movie) dreamland. If I get past the illusionists, the faster than light thing the information must travel on, that's a Nobel prize waiting to be had. Please drop me a message in a bottle in space-time.


I never watched it, but I've experienced most of it since early childhood; astral projection, telekinesis, teleportation, instant healings, seeing the future, knowing the correct answers to questions without any information, ESP, communication with animals, seeing UFOs, seeing into other dimensions at times, remembering past lives, etc.

I'm a "two-spirit," and traditionally would have been trained as a shaman in my Cherokee tribe, and my daughter already is one.

By the way, if you troll me, I'll just block you.

@Adorkable In my case, I didn't consider it unusual since my mom and sister were the same way and I used ESP to communicate routinely with my Haiti missionary kid friends, since we didn't have phones in those days. We'd call each other up mentally to discuss beach plans and make rendezvous.


When it first came out was captivating lots of great science. After some time the viewer audience was not what they would like. They had put hokey shows on to get more viewers and funding from the commercials.


Fake science.

godef Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

Never heard of it. Do I get it?

cool thanks.


Sounds like bullshit



It seems like a bunch of people making stuff up and pretending like it means something. I've only watched a little bit, but what I watched felt pretty useless.

@Adorkable Ummm, "Jews are from space"? (

High on the BS scale? Ya think? Ancient Martians gone "full male", "fully rational" that get furious and go to war (

[Specific time stamps in each link.]

Clearly, Jordan is trying to write a new "bible" and is it not the source for everything from him that follows?

Yeah, I guess I'll update mine too definitely a bunch of people making up stuff from pretending it means something

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