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LINK How the Supreme Court Champions 'Religious Liberty' - The Atlantic

The Supreme Court’s decision last week overturning New York State’s limits on religious gatherings during the COVID-19 outbreak previewed what will likely become one of the coming decade’s defining collisions between law and demography.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 4

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When Christians sit cheek to cheek in the pews they are sure to spread the virus. The pastors want to keep the churches full so they can fill the baskets with cash. If people don't go to church the churches will bankrupt.


I am going to be petitioning my reps to expand the Supreme Court.

But if the Senate stays Republican it won't happen.

@JackPedigo We'll know in early January if mcconnell retains control or not. 🙂

@silverotter11 Whatever you do don't pray for our side!!


I read the court’s ruling. Most of the reporters browsed it and invented their reportage. The Atlantic’s reportage was the most accurate.

The churches and synagogue had been meeting safely and there had been no infections

Cuomo’s first rules allowed only ten people in buildings with seats for up to 700 people and allowed only 25 people in buildings with seats for up to one thousand people.

While the suit was pending, but before the court ruled, Cuomo restored the original much higher limits. The case was actually moot.

The Court majority distrusted Cuomo and prohibited his restoring the 10 and 25 limits..

The chief justice and the three liberals would have allowed Cuomo to reset the lower limits, which would have required the churches and synagogue to file another lawsuit.

With a search on “scotus ny churches text”, you can read the ruling but IT’S NOT AN EASY READ.

Yeah, I too want to close churches and prohibit indoctrination of children, but this lawsuit isn’t about either of those.

@linxminx The ruling said the churches had for months been complying with more than the minimum public health guidance, at 25% or 33% of their capacity without a single outbreak.
When I first read the ruling it seemed easier to read than most. Then one reviewer said Barrett had written it because it contained phrases she’d used in other cases.


God Mobster: "My right of free association far outweighs the risk to other people's lives."


So, and correct me if I'm wrong, in the United States of Absurdity Religious Freedom tops the Health, Safety and Ultimate Survival of every single American?
Jeez Louise, I'm so glad I do NO live in the U.S.A.

United States of Absurdity: I like it, and I will steal it by right of theft.

@anglophone Go for it.


I have read things and listened to interviews with/by many nonbelieving lawyers but here is the one I like most that is using a talk with FFRF lawyer Andrew Seidel: []


So they kill a few parishioners off. So what! All that counts is they control the purse strings and people's minds after all the smoke clears.

Sadly they will give it to non church goers.

@xenoview That really is the point.

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