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SCOTUS has rejected Texas and 45's bid to overturn the election!

Suck it Donny, you loser!!

Start packing your shit.

KKGator 9 Dec 11

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There was no way this motion was going anywhere. Even a non-lawyer knows Texas has no standing in Wisconsin elections.
The lawyers representing Texas should be sanctioned for bring frivolous lawsuits before our courts.


All I can say is ... GA better flip the Senate or the next 4 years will be a FLUSTERCLUCK.

I'm going to the Board of Elections to cast my vote, on Monday.
That's when early voting starts.
I'll be voting for Ossoff and Warnock.


You're Outta Here !!!


What about the Texas AG and the other 17 states and the 107 obstructionist republican fascist congressmen who joint the the law suit to declare four states elections invalid???


Texas has no legal or factual basis for filing this lawsuit!!!

Am watching MSNBC this moment and what is incredulous is that some of the numbskull congress asses are asking the court to overturn the elections in the states in which they themselves won their seat!!!!

They were ALL told no.

I hope they face really serious repercussions.


I wonder if the POS ever regrets getting involved in politics. Now the whole world know what an utterly useless shithead he is and there will be no escape no matter how hard he tries and how much he lies. He will die believing his own lies. I think that's the only way such a criminal can cope - just deny, deny and deny.

I don't care if he regrets it or not.
Honestly, I'm not sure he's self-aware enough to feel regret.

The ones who still support him will never believe the truth about him.
The rest of us already knew he is a worthless piece of shit.

@KKGator I must say, It is not altogether disagreeable to watch him crawl further and further into history's asshole. all he has is a bunch of people in his life similar to himself, and blind adoration, and excuses from a crowd big enough to help him psychotically change his diaper.



Lets see just how desperate he gets...

Oh, let's not. I'm fucking exhausted.


@KKGator me too, girl, me too......

@KKGator I have election PTSD, so I'm still hyper alert. Like a narrow escape from a pissed off guard dog.

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