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Working from home

How many of you are working from home due to Covid?

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Figor888 3 Dec 13

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I teach exercise classes for the elderly and I still go to work Monday through Friday, I love what I do and the people that attend love my classes. We social distance, wear masks, and use sanitizer.


Yes,.... And love it.


Im One of the loser essential grocery store employee. I work more now than ever. At least i have steady employment even though it might kill me. Lol


Always did work from home, so no change.


. . . work ? what's that ? 😮🙂


Luckily I'm of the age I was accepted into a city isolation program. All I have to do is stay in a motel with the understanding I get one shopping trip a week and report any problems to the appropriate staff. Las Vegas is awesome for doing this. I never expected Sin City to take such a drastic humanitarian and expensive approach.

Its kept about half the staff on payroll as well as city employees in medical, administrative,, sanitation and laundry fields.

I've been in the program eight months, the first six weeks in isolation due to inconclusive test results. Still, the client turnover here is tremendous. I too miss the freedom of doing what I if anyone can in these conditions...but I'm alive, healthy and safe.


I'm doing half and half, so can't vote, unless it's yes to both!

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