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LINK A Professional Soccer Player Was Given a One-Game Suspension for Blasphemy | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Bryan Cristante, a midfielder for the Italian professional soccer team A.S. Roma, was handed a one-game suspension for the “crime” of blasphemy. Apparently, over the weekend, he said a word akin to “goddamn” during a match.

snytiger6 9 Dec 15

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Good way of getting some time of to do things one really enjoyed.


Wow!! A felony!! Fuckin’ stupidity. Like there isn’t anything more important than thi#.


Perhaps a soccer ball should be shoved into the rectum of each of the game's controllers in Italy.

I like that idea!!

@SeaRay215ex A well inflated one of course would be preferable.


THAT IS ridiculous beyond belief.
But hey, according to the very biased report, it happened to a team from the Land of Catholicism so who could expect less imo.


What a crock of shit!


The stupidity of people... all he did was expressing his frustration about scoring an own goal. The definition of blasphemy is now quite outdated by now. Jaysus!!!


So, if he had said something akin to our “F-bomb” or “sh*t,” it would be OK because it has no religious connotations ... 🤔

Wish I knew how to send him one our Aussie phrases like, " Fresh Juicy Chips," ( the subtle way of saying in public F**king Jesus Christ).

@Triphid Love it! Stone the crows...

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