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LINK Australian Victims Speak Out Against Christian Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

You know the story won’t end well when it involves a religious rehab clinic.

In Sydney, Australia, some people have been ordered by the courts to spend time in the Healing House, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. But a new report from ABC Investigations finds that it’s basically a faith-based torture chamber for people who simply wanted to get better.

snytiger6 9 Dec 17

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I was in court once and a drug offender was asking leniency from the judge. He stood and said: “your honor I have joined a church and I go twice a week “!!
U know what?, that judge did give him probation (instead of jail for another year) as long as he got documentation of his bi-Weekly church!! WTF


I would be looking for kickbacks to the judge(s) ordering it......


And I’m sure they make a lot of money from the state to do that torturing.


Angry that such places (there are probably more of them) are allowed to exist and that there is no regulation of the sector. They are getting tax payer money to commit these attrocities. Time to shut them down and charge with with neglect at the least.


Typical bloody God Mobster needs to be thrown off Sydney Harbour Bridge with a 100 Kg weight tied to her neck.


I would not trust any of those places, not one.

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