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I lay outside one night on my back. The clear night sky was filled with millions of stars and I saw above me a vast, eternal, Universe where I was certainly looking at other suns with their own solar systems. I saw a Universe with resources beyond imagination and recognized myself as an insignificant segment of this grandiose cosmos.

Yet I had the consciousness to look out and ponder these things and consciously consider, “Am I relevant?” “What is my place in the grand scheme of this Universe?”

As I considered all of this, I was struck with a deep and profound epiphany: “What the f#$& happened to my tent?”

Benthoven 8 Nov 28

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Aliens got it while you were distracted by the stars.


well done getting to where you can see the stars. here in the city .....not so good. but perhaps you were in your tent and the mushrooms were doing their magic !


I don't know if all that was a setup for the punchline or not, but I actually do look at the stars sometimes and realize how insignificant I am. It really helps me see how petty my problems are.


I've ponder the relevance of the individual human to the Universe and the best I can come up with is that we are the sub-atomic particles that will one day turn the Earth into a ball of fire as part of some galactic chain reaction essential to an unknown Cosmic need for heat. Maybe we are just a particle in a cosmic can of shaving cream that comes out warm when dispensed!


LMAO!!! --- I love it.


Hook 'em; then reel 'em in. Well played.


Whoa! I was agreeing with all you said. Then the that was funny.

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