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LINK Michigan Pastor Blames Man’s COVID Death On Lack Of Faith | Michael Stone

They keep digging deeper!

Despicable: An obnoxious Christian pastor in Michigan is caught on video blaming a man for his COVID death because he claims the man was “weak” and lacked “faith.”

ABC News reports:

A family is outraged over a video of a Niles pastor seemingly blaming their family member’s – and one of his parishioners – COVID-19 death on a lack of faith.

Michiana Christian Embassy previously held a funeral service for Les Tom, but now, Lead Pastor Rev. Jeffrey Whittaker’s Dec. sermon is adding to the family’s heartache.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 2

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Well, obviously!!! LOL!!!


Odd, I thought that Sky Daddy and Jeebus Chrust ALWAYS took great CARE of their followers no matter what?
Oh, hang on a minute, maybe there was a wee lapse occurring AGAIN whilst Sky Daddy was being worshipped by the billions in Sky Heaven and Jeebus Chrust was at another of his Last Suppers enjoying himself.


Blaming the victim as their gawd demands


I hope both those acehole pastors get covid and die.


He didn't accept Jesus Trumpy as his Lord and Savior!


Firstly - And he knows this how?
Now when I see something like this, so stupid, so idiotic I just want to explode. I have always had a problem with this.
People so easily led, so unable think coherently. So sad. And this pastor is just excrement.




I couldn't even listen to all of this, it is so disgusting.


Makes as much sense as any religion.


The Bullshit Brigade will stop at nothing when it comes to trying to impose their compulsive stupidity and willful ignorance on everybody else.


As the truth comes out the leaders need to get even more obnoxious trying to keep their victims in line.


Sounds like it would be a "good name" for the new faster spreading covid-19. 🙄


Lots of faithless people dying apparently. Even some highly pious ones.


Christians are very adept at scaring people into sticking with Jesus

If that pastor dies of it, it’s God’s plan....I can’t think of any religious people I’ve known in my life that acted in such a callous non-empathetic manner. This aggressive behavior seems to coincide with the decline in the “ faithful”.

@Canndue Would that be a good plan or that would be a good plan on it's part?

@oldFloyd if that doesn’t work, they resort to “god works in mysterious ways...”

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