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According to one source:
"Agnosticism is the view that the existence of God, of the divine or the supernatural is unknown or unknowable. Another definition provided is the view that "human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify either the belief that God exists or the belief that God does not exist."

What evidence is there that any god exists?

waitingforgodo 7 Jan 19

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1 identify your sources so we can see if you know how to read # 2. If you want to have friends learn the difference between a DECLARATION and CONDESCENSION....children should not piss on elders just to get attention when you NEVER RESPOND TO US ANYWAY


To me it isn't about lack of evidence but the lack of need for a creator god to exist.

There is no need to insert a god in order to explain how the universe works; and to insert one--especially one with human attributes that meddles in human affairs--just complicates things.

I refer to Occam's Razor and the simplest answer is that energy, that we know takes different forms, has simply always existed; and, sometimes that energy takes the form of living things and of living things that are self aware.

If one inserts a creator god/consciousness one adds a level of complexity that is simply not necessary and requires additional explanations of how it came to be.


Why don’t you take the time to write up a bio for us instead of these endless posts of tortuous reasoning. Short answer to your question is - None...there is absolutely no verifiable evidence that a god or gods exist.


There is no evidence nor rational definition for the gibberish sound gawd gott gods.... why don't you put your dictionary on a dusty shelf and find an Atheist lover here....or are you a celibate virgin priest seminary drop out begging for absolution from us Atheists?????


I would strongly suggest that instead of 'incapable' we substitute the word 'unwilling.'
There are tons of rational grounds which basically say, humans are not the center of the universe or even the world.


There is a whole heap of evidence that god exists. Go into any church book store, and you will find literally tons of it, lining the shelves, whole forests of dead trees. 'BUT'. If you take a sample of the shelves, you will find that it is all, the most utter rubbish and circular self reverencing twadle you ever read.

And after you have done feeling sorry about the trees. Then, if you are like me, you begin to think that if something needs the support of masses of rubbish evidence, then it almost certainly is not supported by any good evidence, because if you have good stuff why bother with the rubbish.

The 'self reverencing twadle' (sic) sounds amusingly like anthropomorphic chauvinism, love it.


I’ve done a little private theology and frankly only the Buddist way of life makes any sense to me, as it reflects your impact and taking responsibility for it.

A bit like that old comment about: why is everyone so careful not the change the timeline in time travel movies; but not many people seem to spend much time thinking about what they do in their lives now?

Whatever happens at death I’ll deal with then, just like the rest of life 🥀

I think the question is why are you on an Agnostic site asking for evidence of a God? Should’t you be on a site for believers? The onus is on the person coming up with the hypothesis to prove it. If I was to spend my time disproving every incorrect belief people held I’d be wanting payment 😂 accurate data, blind and t testing takes a fair amount of effort!


Let's try unknown and unknowable. That seems to hit it nicely.


Given the complete lack of evidence I find the defendant not guilty.

WTF are you hinting at now child ? There is no trial no defendant no judge no jury just your childish attempt show off in class with other teenagers


Agnostic make no claim a god exist or have knowledge a god exist.

Theist make the claim a god exist, but never provide any objective evidence that any god exist.

Atheist believe in zero gods.


As I just finished asserting in your last post, it's a moot point. The only justifications which really should be of concern are whether "God" has revealed his supposed doctrines and dogmas to mankind. There is no credible, verifiable evidence that this has occurred. There is actually a lot of evidence that any such claims are based on myth, ignorance, forgery, corruption, and bold faced confabulation.


There is none


There is no credible, verifiable evidence that any gods have ever existed in reality.


The same can be said about fire breathing dragons and flying rainbow unicorns. But I legitimately do not believe they exist. And I don't think its an unreasonable conclusion.

And more so with regards to god or gods. It is nearly imposible to prove a something doesn't exist. Especially if its invisible. But there has been massive evidence from many types sources to repeatedly disprove any of the specific stories about Gods or their role in our lives. Plus historical evidence of where the stories came ftom and how they developed.

MsAl Level 8 Jan 19, 2021

Wasting your breath on this child obsessed with dictionaries and fake philosophers....I have not seen a single answer from this boy towards a dozen RESPONDERs....don't encourage his verbose blather which often insults honest Atheist & Agnostic discourse here


Right, like I can’t prove there’s a secret order of invisible mystical super intelligent Tigers called Rakshasa so how dare you say they don’t exist unless you can definitely prove they don’t.
Just like Bigfoot, the teapot in orbit between Earth and Mars, and God.
The absurdity and sarcasm of my response should reveal my opinion of this stupid safe theistic argument that’s blatantly unfair on its face because logically you can’t prove a negative.
I need to go, Pele and Clair retrieved the teapot 🫖 so they invited me to tea, but since I don’t drink tea they made me cappuccino.
You don’t remember the goddess Clair?


Short answer: none.

Longer answer: nobody has ever produced any falsifiable evidence to support the existence claim of any god.


No evidence of gods and... we know for certain that man created gods so... therefore they don't exist.

Leelu Level 7 Jan 19, 2021
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