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This sign is in my front yard (although right now there is also snow). I had it custom made for me on line and put it up four days after the election. Now Biden is President, how much longer show I leave it up? Most of my neighborhood is republican, although a few of those republicans never did like Trump (yet they never said that to their neighbors who were hardcore Trumpers). Your thoughts.

How long should I leave this Trump sign in my yard?

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creative51 8 Jan 20

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01/20/2021 - days end.
Well as far I am concerned the votes are in: 5 to take down and 13 to keep it up at least for a while. I will keep it up for a minimum of one more month. At that time, if trumpty dumpty is no longer commanding lots of media attention, I will take it down. If he is, then it will stay up.


Depends on how much vandalism and harassment you are interested in experiencing. They may also vandalize your house, not just the sign.

I not worried about that in my neighborhood. Live across street from a lake. 1/3 of the houses are vacation homes from out of town people. Everyone else is middle class at least. I am probably the sketchy one in the neighborhood that everyone else is afraid of. Although they do not need to be, as I am pretty harmless. Most are republicans and a couple of those admitted they did not like Trump, I believe they voted libertarian in the elections. I have had signs vandalized before, but pretty sure it was someone from outside the neighborhood. My house sits about 50 back from the road, so not easy to mess with. Here is a summer time photo of my home, without a sign in front.

@creative51 It's your life and your property. I'm surrounded by Repubs and conservative Christians in my condo development, so even if the homeowner's association did not prohibit political signs, it would not be worth it to me to provoke them to hassle me. My only desire is to be left alone by and not hassled by my neighbors. I avoid and ignore them as much as possible, so I already have that anti-social reputation. But why bother when almost none of them are college educated, politically liberal, or at all intellectual? I've already had enough small talk about the weather to last a lifetime, so I don't need to bother pretending with them that I have any interest in them. I just use this as a place to live, nothing more...


...then shoot them for trespassing


Leave it up until father time and mother nature say it should come down.


Trump is just a small part of the problem.

The virus is the duopoly.


Demonstrate his irrelevance - take it down now.

skado Level 9 Jan 20, 2021

I'll second that statement! 💗

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