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Ok just asking for advice here...when I met my future wife she was a practicing witch, ..which I had forgotten...She gave me a glass of wine with stuff in it....we married and she died sadly 4 years ago, after 17 years together...I never wanted anyone but her till the day she died...In the 4 years since she has been dead I have had around 9 relationships but have never bonded with any of the wonderful woman that I met...did she give me a love potion that I would never find love if she died first...just curious

James121 7 Jan 20

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It sounds like maybe you're not ready for another long term relationship yet. There is no timeline for grief, and there are no magic love spells.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 21, 2021

you are absolutely right ...I know this is stupid I keep waiting for the next best thing to come into my life but no-one so far has penatrated that inner circle...xx

@James121 Perhaps it'll happen when you're not looking for it.


My wife died four years ago after suffering for several years with dementia, so I can relate. Between missing her, mostly failing at trying to find love again thru two years of the dating scene, then Covid putting it all on hold, I am feeling doubtful I will ever find love like that (my marriage) again. Wish you the best.

My wife died during the night sometime and I woke up to her being dead as from alive the night before..I nudged her with my bum...for a bit of sexy time....did not happen...

@James121 If you are being serious, that is really shocking and if it were me, I would be really traumatized about it for a good while. How did that play out for you? Women love guys that can play an instrument and sing, esp. if they are at least decent at both, even if not a pro. You should have an easy time finding someone once you are ready for the game.

@TomMcGiverin I was a full time musician and a wedding photographer before I met her she was with me every wedding after we met and was my gig manager when going the other way...till she died

@James121 You have my condolences, it sounds like it was a good marriage and the way it ended was horrible, even if it was brief. My wife's illness lasted several years. I can't say which is worse.


Sure and the only way to reverse the potion is by drinking a blend of werewolf's saliva and vampire blood that has been blessed by an ordained female catholic priest.

and if that could actually happen then she would still be here ....dead nearly 4 years...ashes on top of my you think she would have survived...


I would say yes but the thing is u had one-itus and she was ur everything but heres the thing man

the juice aint worth the squeeze

save urself from more heartbreak and go MGTOW

I am for that! Segregation now. Segregation forever.


men first!

protect ur inner comfort and piece of mind

women are toxic!

and yet she died , her remains are on top my upright piano...just resting then....

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