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LINK Church to Elderly Members: Get Out of Here So We Can Attract Younger People | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

This might be funnier if it weren’t so disappointing.

The Grove United Methodist Church in Cottage Grove, Minnesota will be closing down in June… and then “re-opening” in November. There’s no physical renovation taking place. The name will stay the same. The only change church leaders are hoping for is new clientele. And that means telling the mostly older current members of the church to never come back.

They’re seriously trying to kick out the old people in order to rebrand themselves as a place for young people. Because nothing expresses the love of Christ more than a church giving members an expiration date.

snytiger6 9 Jan 21

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I've been sitting here for five minutes trying to think of something to say. But sorry, I'm speechless.


I honestly hope it burns down while closed and the heartless pastor is blamed.


I highly doubt younger folks will even bother. Let’s face it, religion had its day, and that day has passed. It’ll always exist, no doubt, but it will be relegated to the minority, or possibly even go underground.


They were going to remember their church in their wills...too bad so sad.....


Well, according to my 33 single granddaughter in Atlanta, she and her peers are not interested in religion and church. So let’s see how this goes. I believe that when the wisdom of the older people is tossed aside, the younger generation is cheated. And what a terrible message it sends to the younger generation about getting old! This is ill advised. But, religious idiots always look for ways to promote their ideology onto future generations! Gotta keep that train a-moving...

Can’t wait to see da train get derailed!! Lol


But the older folks have the money.

That was my first thought!


Opened November 1st, closed November 3ed.

Imagine that . . . no one showed.


The Preacher wants the younger peoples because they have more money to keep him in the life-style he is accustomed to where the Elderly are unable to offer up as much financial support as they once did.
Of course the Elderly WILL be useful as the Dupes to mow lawns, shovel snow, etc, etc, the tasks it seems that the Preachers has a very severe allergy to doing and who is going to care IF a 60 year old drops dead while mowing the Church lawns or shoveling snow, etc, they ARE expendable in the eyes of the Preacher and the church so it seems.
Nice one Mr. Preacher, I hope squatters take over your hypocritical church and turn it into something that even cockroaches would shun.


Faithfools doing stupid shit.


That is wrong on so many levels.

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