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LINK Arsonist Burns Down Church of Satan’s Gathering Place in Poughkeepsie, NY | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Last week, a historic house in New York that was used as a gathering place for members of the Church of Satan was effectively burned up. The owners escaped the flames but the property can’t be used for any kind of meeting.

What caused the damage? Arson, apparently...

...Inside, the homeowner, Matthew Camp, 36, said he woke to see through his bedroom window his front porch in flames. He managed to escape with his roommate, Six Carter, before the house burned to a charred shell.

snytiger6 9 Jan 22

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Just like the white supremacists that burn down black churches!!!


And they seem to conveniently forget that Lucifer, aka Satan/Devil. etc, etc, like Prometheus of Greek Legends, was condemned by God to Eternal Damnation BECAUSE he gave the Knowledge of Fire to mere Mortal Humans and NOT for Opposing God as they so well and wrongly claim.
So, logically, are not these very Arsonist Christians merely doing EXACTLY the same as was Lucifer ( Latin word meaning the Bringer of Light and Warmth btw) condemned for in the first place?


Should be prosecuted for federal hate crime if arsonist is caught. 😟


We have plenty of alternative locations, for our convenience...
We'll be fine.
It's the people that think they might inconvenience us that I have some concern for.

Dig the pictures! Where is that?

@nicestuff I'd tell you but then I'd have to ...

Tell me now, then just give me a few years.

Looks like the inside of a cooling tower.

@nicestuff Deal, it's in Belgium. You have 5 years starting now.


I have no doubt that the arsonist felt they were doing "god's work".

Oh they always are according to their idiotic beliefs.
Since, imo, no matter how heinous the act may well be, they assure themselves that Sky Daddy is ALWAYS on THEIR side and will reward them accordingly for 'doing his job for him."
What a nice(???) alibi they put forward to cover up their rampant criminalities.

@Triphid Yep.
Must be nice to be able to justify any reprehensible behavior just because
they believe it's okay with their invisible friend.

@KKGator Stupid is as Stupid thinks and does imo.

If the perpetrator thinks it was god's will, then they should claim the act proudly and accept the punishment instead of displaying such cowardice. It's just fortunate no one was killed.

"I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator."

  • Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

@nicestuff It aggravates the hell outta me whenever anyone tries to claim that Hitler was an atheist.
He had nazis scouring the planet for religious relics, which he believed would give him an advantage.

Yes! There's lots of his religious Christian quotes here

Such as: "My feeling as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter."

@nicestuff 🙄🤬

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