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When folks don’t understand why it’s a big deal that Harris is the Vice President(no matter your political affiliation), it’s helpful to use a simple visual aid.

See the red box? Until then, she would have been enslaved.

See the blue box? Until then, she couldn’t vote.

The yellow box? Until then, she had to attend a segregated school.

And the green one? Until then she couldn’t have her own bank account.


tinkercreek 8 Jan 23

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She cannot help but be better than a number of these predecessors. Many corrupt people there, and of course "Darth Vader" is there.


Sorry, seems this photo is skewed. Some presidents are missing and the one after Mondale (green box) is Gerald Ford who should be right after Nixon (yellow box).

Those are all vice presidents. Some vice presidents later became presidents.

Took me a couple of minutes to figure that out too.

@Barnie2years Would have been nice if it were mentioned at the start but I guess it didn't make any difference. Still the chronological order is off. Ford was vice president to Nixon, not years later.

@JackPedigo I found this, and am grateful they skipped Pence:
President Year(s) served Notes
John Adams 1797–1801 First sitting vice president elected president
Thomas Jefferson 1801–1809 Second sitting vice president elected president
Martin Van Buren 1837–1841 Third sitting vice president elected president
John Tyler 1841–1845 Became president after Harrison's death
Millard Fillmore 1850–1853 Became president after Taylor's death
Andrew Johnson 1865–1869 Became president after Lincoln's assassination
Chester A. Arthur 1881–1885 Became president after Garfield's assassination
Theodore Roosevelt 1901–1909 Became president after McKinley's assassination, later elected to own term.
Calvin Coolidge 1923–1929 Became president after Harding's death, later elected to own term.
Harry S. Truman 1945–1953 Became president after Roosevelt's death, later elected to own term.
Lyndon B. Johnson 1963–1969 Became president after Kennedy's assassination, later elected to own term.
Richard Nixon 1969–1974 First vice president to become president in a non-immediate fashion
Gerald Ford 1974–1977 Became president after Nixon's resignation, appointed as Vice President after Agnew's resignation.
George H. W. Bush 1989–1993 Fourth sitting vice president elected president
Joe Biden 2021–present Second vice president to become president in a non-immediate fashion

@JackPedigo Nixon was VP quite a bit earlier.

@Barnie2years Did know this (under Eisenhower) but still the whole scene is confusing. I guess what's important is the timeline. I wonder if having the actual presidents would have been better.

@JackPedigo she is the VP, so this is more pertinent. If she becomes President it will require a whole new meme. I thought Nixon was VP under Eisenhower, but was too lazy to look it up 😁. Also, I wouldn’t be able to identify most of the VP’s on here other than those more recent or who became president later.


If most conservatives had their way, it would still be this way.

Yes it is true the Democrats were the party of the KKK and embraced it at that time in history. But it is the GOP and Cuckservatives that are totally embracing Authoritarianism now. You only need to look at the last 3 weeks to see that.


I can remember when my mom got her first credit card in her own name in 1978. Until then she was only a "Mrs".

Leelu Level 7 Jan 23, 2021

She is a wonderful lady. When she gets the chance, she will be a wonderful President.


Stealing this.

Me too, I made a meme.

@Leelu I hope that goes viral.


I still run onto lots of people who come up with conspiracy theories about Kamala Harris becoming president and they do not want that to happen. I'm quick to point out that the idea of the theory is nonsense and that the people spreading this are racist.

Seems like the white supremacists will do anything to keep Biden healthy!

@Canndue No, they don't want Biden in either, because he actually deigns to have Kamala Harris as a running mate and VP. They want Trump or nobody.

Or just plain stupid.


She still got less than 2% of the vote in the primaries. The big deal is that grandpa Joe is mentally slow enough to pick her.... or that he made it clear that she was picked because of her sex and race which is actually sexist and racist.

I like her personally, but she wasn’t in my top 3 candidates, but hope she makes it to potus and breaks so many barriers

@Canndue I hope she gets hit with rocks in public

@CourtJester thats harsh

@Canndue I was being polite

@CourtJester Regardless, if/when she becomes President, she will do an excellent job.

@CourtJester I understand that you are uneducated and ignorant, but most people on both parties tickets, historically, were chosen to balance the ticket and appeal to a different segment of the voting population. Also, most, but not all, chosen Vice Presidents, were not candidates for President in that election. This has not been true as much since the election of Jimmy Carter, but it was pretty much the rule prior to that election. But these facts have no effect on your racist and sexist white trash views.


@CourtJester “...hit with rocks....” is more than harsh. It’s evidence of powerlessness, or weakness. The strong use persuasion; the weak use violence.

@CourtJester advocating violence, are ya?

@CourtJester I see the headache caused by you is off the charts.

@AnneWimsey Not advocating for it, but I’d giggle if I saw it.

@CourtJester Past Marine? I’m past Navy. The best use of a Marine is to throw him overboard. He can swim to an enemy-held island. (grin)

Ok, brass tacks time. You’re being polite when you “hope [Harris] gets hit with rocks....”? That’s not advocating for violence? Trump lied; don’t you do a trump here!
And you would giggle?

@yvilletom "Past Marine? I’m past Navy. The best use of a Marine is to throw him overboard. He can swim to an enemy-held island." **** The Marines are trained to because we can't put much faith in the Navy. The Navy is little more than a "free" boat ride so the real men can go on shore and accomplish the objective. "Thanks for the ride. We've got it from here." was a standard farewell. For good reason though....

That actually wasn't being polite. I can't honestly can't say that I 'hope' for it. I may have typed in jest. As the VP; my hope is that she'll do well. I am 100% confident that she absolutely will not. I am 100% confident that she will make a shit ton more money from this day forward by sewing division and accomplishing nothing and moving American societies backwards. I hope she doesn't; though I'm sure that she will.


The ERA is still NOT ratified 😟😟😟.


Are the pictures in the right order, I can't work it out ?

I believe they are, though VP's are only familiar to me from Nixon on down.

@tinkercreek Oh of course they are VP's I was thinking they were presidents, that is why I could not work it out. Stupid.

@Fernapple Lol! I was thinking the same thing. 🤣

@Fernapple got me too! I figured it out, but it took a while.

@Barnie2years Well I am from the wrong side of the pond. Its comforting to know it got some Americans too, though you did work it out without help, well done.


...change is necessary, ...and something like twelve thousand years overdue.

And the ERA is still not an amendment to the Constitution. 😟
I want to know why we can't get it ratified!

@silverotter11 Circa 1980, had the ERA been ratified by three more states — Nevada and Illinois subseqently ratified — it would have passed and become a part of the Constitution.

A year ago, Virginia voters elected a Democratic governor and legislature and the state ratified. So the ERA has enough ratifications, but didn’t get them within the seven years Congress had set in the 1970s.

As I understand it, a court has to rule on whether Congress’ seven-year limit was constitutional. Query the Alice Paul Institute, the ERA Coalition, the League of Women Voters, or the National Organization for Women. Or the VA Sec’y of State.


My mother never let me forget that she was not an equal citizen, no matter who her father was.

And her father was . . . ??

The ERA still isn't ratified.

@tinkercreek Her father was an influential politician and businessman. When my father died, she had to go to him in order for the funeral home to enter into a contract for burial.


Women were able to have their own bank accounts long before Agnew . If , however , you added your husband to your bank account , you suddenly became the secondary owner and had no credit in your own name .

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