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Supreme Court dismisses emolument cases against Trump


Big fuckin' surprise. Who is still confident Trump will be held accountable in any real way for any/all of his crimes?

JeffMurray 7 Jan 25

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Trump is part of the rich and powerful club. It's very doubtful that he will ever face any consequences for any of his numerous crimes. that's how our system works.

Been saying this for years, for slightly different reasons, and almost no one agrees with me.


I think people want to hold on to the hope that this person, who they despise so much, will get what's coming to him. I'd like to see that too. But the powerful don't punish those who are in the club.

They did nothing to prosecute the war criminal Bush, they will do nothing to Trump. Unfortunately.

@RoboGraham Word.


To be sure, not hearing a case is not the same as dismissing a case.
As these were filed while he was president and he is no more, that seems to be the basis of them not hearing it.
I wouldn't be surprised if those cases are re-filed not that he is not president so that is no longer an obsticle.

Something as trivial in the language as "Trump is receiving" vs. "Trump did receive" may be all that is needed to move the case forward.

Well I sure hope so.

Doubtful. "The court instructed the lower courts to wipe away previous lower court opinions that went against Trump..."

Refusing to hear the case AND vacating lower court rulings makes it pretty clear what they intended.


Come on New York!

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