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IS Paranoia the new reality, infecting many in every country?

Is the proliferation of conspiracy theories and bigotry the cause or the effect?

But to many of those infected, the fear is real.

#fear #paranoia #guns #immigrants #ReligiousIntolerance

josephr 7 Jan 29

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I grew up in a predominantly white society. When I moved away from my home base and started traveling, I experienced a whole new/other world that was full of color, customs and alternative ideals. That is the world that I now choose to live in. As a female human I empathize with the 'gunman' tribe (empathize not agree with); I get their pain. I have experienced their fear. Their fear is as real to them as mine is to me and society somehow has to address this. I don't have an answer to that but it will be a tough job for sure.


The idea of a pluralistic society works just fine for some white folk ... until they aren't the majority!


My neighbors. They were German, Polish, Japanese, Jewish. We all thought it was great.

Me too, plus other cultures and ethnicities.


Fascism likes its population on edge, justifies more invasive security


Except for the guy with the guns, it looks a lot like the world I comfortably grew up in.

Me too!

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