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I saw this drawing and tried to remember the last hug I had, and it was well over a year ago. No hugs, or physical contact since Dec. 2019. I can’t believe it. The shocker is I don’t think I miss it. That is disturbing on a whole other level. How long have you been without a hug or physical contact with someone, and how is that affecting you?

MsHoliday 8 Feb 6

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I think I had a hug a couple of weeks ago from a dear friend and one last week for my daughter. Many of my friends are huggers but we've refrained and I really miss it. February the 18th I'll be at my highest in unity after getting the second shot as will many of my friends and we plan to have a hug fest.


My dogs are all over me like cheap suits, every time i sit down! I highly recommend it!

we have dogs and cats too


I hear you. The only hugs I've had since Covid hit hard have been with a gay male friend that I've known since high school, when I've been to visit him out of state a few times. Glad I'm secure and comfortable enough with myself and him to do that. Maybe this summer I can try online dating again and enjoy some hugs, or more, thru that. I may be weird, but I enjoy kissing and hugging just as much as sex.


Beautiful sentiment


My stepson hugs me from time to time. My son did sometime last year as well. Love the drawing! 💕


I have hugged no one but my adult son who lives with me and my dog during the pandemic, but I think their hugs may have saved my sanity. I miss hugs so much, being an affectionate sort. I am shy, and so for some peculiar reason, that makes me miss them all the more. I really regret the most not hugging my older son before he died (and we didn't know he was about to).


The ugly truth. It has been years for me. Because of what happened to me in childhood, I have never liked to be touched. I don't remember my last physical contact and I am okay with that but I do enjoy seeing others show affection for each other, especially when children are involved.


2 ½ years since we've seen our youngest son. Last time our daughter stopped through, we couldn't hug as we had to keep distant. Haven't seen our eldest son since 2012.

I'm not one for much touching, so it's not too bad not to be hugging. I touch hands with my husband occasionally, but that's about it.


😍 Expressive drawing that shows energy and emotion.
😘 I feel that expressions of love impart healing. 🤗

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