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LINK Fox host argues against raising the minimum wage because "fun things" will cost more | Media Matters for America

It should be noted that when Australia raised their minimum wage several years ago to about $15 an hour, their big macs only cost about five cents more.

DAGEN MCDOWELL: Not only does it destroy jobs, 1.4 million jobs, but to Greg's point, it actually raises prices for -- in -- in food businesses and in service businesses. And so, if you've got inflation, the people who still have jobs are paying higher costs, less of their money in their pocket for fun things.

snytiger6 9 Feb 13

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So fresh wholesome food becomes more expensive, more folks need assistance, the government steps in to help if they are Democrats. The Republicans will let you starve. Or feed the excess cheese & butter to our Amer-Indians citizens, slowly killing them with obesity. The Repudlicans destroyed the only voice at the existential table, the unions. November 2022.


The Democrats didn't sell this right. It's not a $15 minimum wage. It's a $10 minimum wage that goes up $1/hr each year, going to $15/hr over a five year period. An actual instant $15/hr min wage in 50 states would hurt small business and cost jobs. That's not what it is, and it should be explained properly. That is the job of President Biden to sell it as such.

The Democrats have trouble selling anything, no matter how good it is. They don't have the PR savvy the Republicans do. Like the ACA, tax increases on the wealthiest, plowing more money into infrastructure than the military, the Republicans get ahead of them with wild ass stories of doom and gloom, call them communist plots, find some conservative "think tanks" to back them up, get everyone on Fox News to spew the lies and nothing happens to the bills. The Democrats don't have the money behind them to counter these waves of bullshit, they try and talk logic while the Republicans just scream and shout trash talk. It's a shame, but it's become the world we live in. You can only use logic on a narrow percentage of the population (people on this website for example). The rest are caught up in whatever fantasy their religious and political leaders choose to blanket them with.

@Barnie2years They allow Republicans to define their positions and then go into attack mode. Biden has to make an speech to the American people and explain this. $10/hr won't give too many people a raise, but some. As the policy continues in 2 years when everybody's getting $12, that will be right in time for the mid terms. This has to get done.


The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO.ORG ) founded in 1981, is a private, nonprofit membership and research organization that serves as the leading source of accurate, unbiased information on ESOPs, equity compensation plans such as stock options, and ownership culture.

When I learn how to search the Federal Tax Code, I might find the provision that rewards proprietors who, upon retiring, sell their businesses to their employees.


That point about minimum wage being mostly a "starting wage" is bullshit, because most low wage jobs have no unions representing the workers, and like Wal-Mart, the business model in those businesses is to rely on constant turnover so there is no pressure or, in the minds of the business owners, justification to increase the wages of long term employees. Case in point, I used to work for a small radiator shop as a delivery driver. During my indentured servitude there for a few years, I was making around $9 and hour to start, back in the late 90s. The boss was a redneck who knew I had gone to college and he really enjoyed harassing me whenever he got the chance about anything he could come up with, driving too slow, etc. When it came time for my yearly performance review, which supposedly would determine my wage increase, if any, he would always give me a measly nickel an hour wage increase. The job benefits were good and I enjoyed my driving job, except for the boss. He also kept me stuck in the only truck that didn't have working air conditioning. If it weren't for those benefits and my enjoyment of driving, I would have been out of there quick as soon as I could find something better.

Starting wage, my ass...


Yup, food, shelter, meds & dental, transportation....all "fun" things......

At least it is very difficult to have fun without those things.

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