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LINK My summation of Impeachment verdict

In my view we are no longer a democracy as power can be seized through any means, including violence, and all rules are different (to use a popular word). u$a is now an official $hithole nation.

rainmanjr 8 Feb 14

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We are a plutocracy. The wealthy, mainly corporate wealth, is what really rules America. The first impeachment of Trump brought millions of $$$ of funding to each political party. Is it any wonder we had another? Our government goes from one drama to the next all for the purpose of raising money for their respective parties, that also gets them more powerful positions, committee assignments, and assures them money to run their next elections. I truly believe under Trump, the Republican Party, which represents the majority of wealth in the US, tried to seize control of the US and make that the one and only ruling party. I'm not sure Biden is going to do that much good. He's basically a corporate guy that leans slightly to the left, but at least he's not Trump!

The quote below is from a good video from a former journalist who covered many countries around the world that collapsed and his views on what is happening in America. It's been posted before, but here it is again.

"We have replicated the patterns of past civilizations in collapse underwent. One that is no longer connected to the real. That retreats into their bubbles like the forbidden city of Versailles, yet has total economical and political power...the crumbling of infrastructures, the decay, their cities always go first, we've done that...they retreat into illusion. The danger is that this time when we go down, the whole planet is going to go with us. The corporate state has made a war against critical thinking, particularly humanities, because the humanities at their best is about teaching people how to think rather than what to think. They're about teaching people to challenge assumptions and structures." "The failure to teach critical thinking creates a frightening historical amnesia, so you don't know how you got here, you don't know where you came from, and that is something popular culture, let's call it totalitarian capitalism, seeks to put in place. People interpret their problems as personal problems rather than political or social problems. When you don't understand what is going on, when you imbibe the illusion you are fed, the belief that reality is an impediment to what you desire, to everything you want, it blinds you. It keeps you from seeing what is happening around you. And because you are intellectually and emotionally unprepared, you scream for moral renewal, and a new savior, and a new demigod, and vengeance. At which point you vomit it up...these very frightening figures." Chris Hedges, American Psychosis, You Tube.

Hedges tells the brutal, depressing truth about both parties. That's why the corporate media won't let him anywhere near one of their microphones.

Thanks for the insightful contribution. Hedges is right about a great many things but he misses the political necessities which stop more aggressive Progressive leadership. I voted for Bernie twice (in 2016 and 2020) but Primary voters disagreed (please don't give me the CT's as I don't buy those). Hedges disagrees and I think that exposes a blind spot. Listen, I don't have it all worked out either so that's not to cancel Hedges out. For me the trump movie is over and I won't linger in it.


I agree with your sentiment. Did you expect a different result? I actually think 7 Republican votes is a lot and made impeachment worth it. And no, I don't think America is a shithole country. It's bad enough I hear foreigners say this crap, I don't like to hear Americans say shit like that.

I believe all nations which seek to create more death and suffering are shithole nations. While I acknowledged the likelihood of acquittal I did hold out hope the case was strong enough on facts and presentation (especially against their stern lecturing) that they would convict. Oh well. A bit of good in a stinky pile of shit goes nowhere anyway.


I think that it is not a co-incidence that at least two of the world's top countries desperately need a new constitution soonest . UK definitely does. Get Thomas Paine back!


Jimmy Carter himself said several years ago that we are no longer a functioning democracy. It was true then because corporations had taken over the government and we had a plutocracy and kleptocracy. The insurrection and impeachment have simply ripped off the veil so the rot is easier to see.



We are no more a $hithole nation than are the countries the Orange A$$hole claimed were. Not to say we don't have a lot of $hits here. We do. Former Prez. Twitler more than produced his share. But I prefer not to lump us all into one collective identity. I am no f**king flag-waving nationalist. We are, in fact, at the very least, deeply polarized.

While we are "no more" we are also no less a shithole nation than them. The sad aspect is that we constantly blow our own horn to say that we are not. Our preferences for lies, even onto great death as consequence, expose that reality. Iraq? A lie. COVID response? A lie. Insurrection concern? A myth which exposes the lie of Afghanistan War. We just don't care about the living.

@rainmanjr I agree completely. Nationalism is as self-deceiving as it is arrogant.



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